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$250 for Reptile Birthday Party by Critter Caravans (Up to 38% Off)

$250 for Reptile Birthday Party by Critter Caravans (Up to 38% Off)
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$400 value   |    38% savings

The Details

Lizards and Snakes and Tortoises... OH MY!

What is it that is so mesmerizing about getting eye-to-eye with animals? Get a group of kids together, “toss” in a 15-foot snake - and entertainment is a sure thing! Critter Caravans “Pleeze and Squeeze” Reptile Birthday Parties give kids the opportunity to SEE and TOUCH all different kinds of lizards, snakes and tortoises... OH MY!

Looking for a party for that hard to please Teenager? Reptile Parties are not just for young children! Critter Caravans can easily entertain your teen and their friends with their 20-pound lizard and a python that weighs over 100 pounds!

Avid reptile enthusiasts Tom and Tracy Moore - owners of Critter Caravans - bring over 25 years of experience handling and caring for reptiles directly to your front door! Their main goal is to educate your guests - with lots of comedy and loads of fun! Critter Caravans wants your reptile show to be something your family and friends talk about for years to come.

Here's what moms and dads are saying about Critter Caravans Birthday Parties:

"Omigosh- you have no idea what kind of feedback I am getting in response to your amazing show yesterday. Thank you so much. Everyone- from the toddlers on up to the grown adults- loved the reptiles as well as your presentation. The attention span you were able to elicit from even the youngest kids in the audience was a testament to your personalities and creatures!!!"

"Tracy and Kerri were so patient & knowledgeable, we all learned so many new & exciting things! Thanks again! We will definitely be passing your name along to anyone who is looking for a reptile show."

Check out Jill Smokler's -of the wildly popular blog Scary Mommy - review and pictures


Information & Restrictions

Deal good for a one hour birthday party for as many children/adults you can squeeze in your house!

  • This deal is for birthday parties only. Not valid for school or public performances.
  • Party must take place during the month of November or December 2012 or January 2013.

Travel to the Baltimore & DC area is included - within 100 miles of zip code 17371 (York, PA).

Expires January 31, 2013.

Please book party as soon as possible to secure your desired party date. Based on availability.

Not valid on previously booked parties.

If the outdoor temperature is less than 70°F, shows must be peformed indoors. Indoor show areas must be heated due to temperature requirements for the animals.

If you have any questions, please email Critter Caravans at or call (410) 929-3820.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MENTION THAT YOU ARE INQUIRING ABOUT THE CERTIFIKID DEAL!

To Redeem: Please email Critter Caravans at or call (410) 929-3820 and provide your 12-digit CertifiKID Voucher Code. Please email or call as soon as possible to ensure availability for your preferred date.

This offer is only available for purchase through CertifiKID ( If you experience any issues or difficulties with registering or purchasing, please email and we will get back to you shortly.

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