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$80 for SIX Mommy & Me Art Workshops and ALL DAY Admissions to the D.C. Playseum (50% off - $160 value)

$80 for SIX Mommy & Me Art Workshops and ALL DAY Admissions to the D.C. Playseum (50% off - $160 value)
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$160 value   |    50% savings

The Details

Crazy schedules, traffic jams, laundry, errands and a to-do list that stretches into infinity...these are the dragons every parent valiantly tries to slay each day. Add to that the vallainous winter weather and the battle becomes epic. What if you could find an enchanted land, impervious to dragons - and weather - where the only thing on your “list” was an adventure with your child? A great INDOOR adventure guided by a leader with the magical powers to make the world melt away and give you fun for a whole day? This land of wonder and amazement isn’t a mere fantasy; it’s a real place called Playseum!

Playseum sprang from the imagination and expertise of Ms. Gina, a mother of four who chose to leave behind the daily grind and focus on family. She will be your guide to connecting with your little one through interactive play and learning. Shape your play with a day of dough and clay. Brush some creative fun onto a canvas and into your smile with an exploration of the world of paint. Build "sky scrapping" adventure and bond with blocks and bricks. Each of these specially designed days of play is geared toward bringing you together to explore, learn and have fun as one. 

PLUS this deal includes ALL day admission for adult and child too! Stay and play the rest of the day in this wonderful space that is part children’s book store, part enchanted city of fun and adventure, Playseum is a hands-on experience where you and your child can continue to connect and explore together.

Playseum isn’t only about fun and learning though. Ms. Gina, her family and staff are committed to building a sense of community and supporting children in need the world over. Currently, Playseum provides aide to 40 children who have been taken off the streets in Northern India and placed in loving adoptive native homes. They have also partnered with a DC area charity to help bring clean water to villages in Ethiopia. Fun and philanthropy will slay any dragon out there!

Information & Restrictions

Playseum Capitol Hill

545 8th Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003


Includes 6 sessions of a hands-on art Mommy & Me workshops with Ms. Gina, the creator of the Playseum, and all day admission for one adult and one child!  

  • TUESDAYS - Explore & create with various forms of dough and clay
  • WEDNESDAYS - Water color, acrylic, oils and enamels ... the World of paint
  • THURSDAYS - Building, bonding and bricks 

Each workshop will be uniquely different week to week. Projects will be available to take home the same day.

Workshops run February 5th - March 14th.

For ages 2-5 yrs

Classes will be offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10-11am and 12-1pm.

Workshop will include all materials and supplies, special art inspired story time that will correlate with art topics of the day and all day pass to the Playseum.

Contact the DC Playseum by February 1st to schedule - call 202-999-0510.

This offer is only available through CertifiKID ( If you experience any issues or difficulties with registering or purchasing, please email and we will get back to you shortly.

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