Why is it SO hard to keep a minivan clean with two little kids? No matter how hard I try, a day doesn't go by without a spilled milk or goldfish spill. However, after running a deal on a Mobile One's car detail and getting lots of rave reviews, I finally decided (with major urging from my husband) to try the deal myself when we ran it a second time and hoped it could be my miracle cure.



So the hardest part was preparing the car for Mobile One. My husband literally worked on the car for an hour and we filled up BAGS of stuff we had in the car....it was humorous to see what we found (and gross too!). A van then pulled up and two men cleaned the outside and inside for approximately 1.5 hours. They had everything they needed and we didn't need to provide anything, including a hose a for water.

When they finished and it was time to check out the minivan, our mouths dropped. It looked awesome and as good as new. See the before and after pictures - they speak for themselves. Now the real question will be how long we can keep it clean. We decided to buy some bins to sort trash and toys and try to keep organized. Worst case...we call Mobile One and they come back in a few months.

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