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Join Angie's List FREE or get 50% off premium features with a Silver or Gold membership plan. Click HERE or "Join Now" above and use code: CERTIFIKID50.

Every day, millions of people search the Internet to find reliable service companies in their area, only to end up with unsatisfactory experiences due to limited information and recommendations. Angie’s List takes the guesswork out of finding answers to who-to-hire questions by providing members unbiased ratings and reviews in hundreds of service categories.

Angie’s List is a leading provider of reviews, offers and information in over 700 service categories to help you improve your home. Finding a pro for a job well done is made easy online by visiting

Angie’s List – Home is where our heart is.

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With 10 million verified reviews and growing, more than 3 million members trust Angie's List for reliable information for their homes.

Better Decisions
In-depth information and reviews on service pros in your neighborhood, or nationwide, helps you find the right fit for your next project.

Quality Choices
Join for free and get instant access to top-rated companies or select a Silver or Gold plan for more valuable features and comprehensive customer support.

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The Deal: Join Angie's List FREE or Save 50% on Silver or Gold Membership Plan with Code: CERTIFIKID50.

Expiration: October 19, 2017.

  • Expiration reflects date by which customer must sign up on vendor website.

To Redeem: Click HERE or "Join Now" above. You will be redirected to Angie's List to sign up. Use Code: CERTIFIKID50 at checkout.

Questions? Need More Information? Please contact Angie's List at 1-888-888-LIST (5478). Nationwide TDD/TTY: Call 711.

Valid for new customers only. Discount applies to initial purchase. Plans renew at the standard price.

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