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Sports Illustrated for Kids 1-Year Subscription
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What kid (or adult, for that matter!) doesn't love getting a surprise in the mail? And what better way to get your child excited about reading than with a subscription to one of the top magazines for kids? Find the best magazine for your young learner and unlock their curiosity and imagination. Choose from the following subscriptions for up to 79% off!

Boys' Life (1-year Subscription, 12 Issues)
Boys' Life is the official magazine for the Boy Scouts of America for boys ages 6-18. This magazine is entertaining and educational filled with exciting features about history, stories by current Boy Scouts and instructions for hobbies and projects. They also feature reviews on new video game and movies, the perfect mix for your young, inquisitive scout.

Highlights Magazines (6-Months or 1-Year Subscription)
Highlights kids magazines offer a fun-filled subscription filled with age-specific stories and activities for readers of each age group. Highlights magazine is for ages 6-12 and full of inspiring and entertaining stories and games. Highlights High Five, designed for children ages 2-6 is filled with stories, poems, and puzzles to help prepare your young reader to learn how to read. Highlights High Five Bilingue is a bilingual magazine for children ages 2-6 that offers 36 pages of stories and content in both Spanish and English. Highlights Hello is designed for babies and toddlers ages 0-2. This magazine makes it easy for parents to read to and bond with their baby. 

National Geographic Kids Magazines (1-Year Subscriptions, 6- 12 Issues)
National Geographic kids magazines are full of fun facts about animals, nature, and geography, as well as incredible photos and stories. Nat Geo Kids is for kids ages 6-14 and is full of interesting facts, unique stories, and award-winning photos. For your younger explorers, Nat Geo Little Kids is designed for kids ages 3-6 and their parents, with fun photographs, exciting stories, and fun activities, your child will grow their reading and critical thinking skills. 

Sports Illustrated Kids (1-Year Subscription, 12 Issues)
Sports Illustrated Kids magazine is an exciting magazine for tweens and teens, ages 8-14. Young sports fans will enjoy the stories written at their reading level. This magazine includes topics like nutrition tips, stories about up-and-coming young athletes, artwork, and more!

Zoobooks Magazines (1-Year Subscriptions, 6-9 Issues)
Zoobooks magazines offer a variety of subscriptions for kids of all ages, each issue focuses on one animal with pictures, puzzles and photos all based on that animal. Zoobooks is for kids ages 6-12. Perfect for the young animal-lover in your life, each issue captures one of 60 animals with activities and stories based on that animal. Designed for children ages 5+ who love dinosaurs, Zoodino is full of dinosaur facts, puzzles, and games. Zootles colorful magazines contain fun interactive counting and sound recognition games for children ages 2-6. Created and written specifically for babies and toddlers 0-3, Zoobies magazines offers photos and animal stories to introduce your little one to the world of reading.

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The Deals:

$12.99 for 1-Year Subscription (12 Issues) to Sports Illustrated for Kids for Ages 8-14 ($59.88 Value - 80% Off)

$14.99 for 6-Month Subscription (6 Issues) to any of the Following Magazines ($29.70 Value - 50% Off):

  • Highlights (ages 6-12)
  • Highlights Hello (ages 0-2)
  • Highlights High Five (ages 2-6)
  • Highlights High Five Bilingue (ages 2-6, Spanish/English)

$14.99 for 1-Year Subscription to any of the Following Magazines:

  • Boys' Life (ages 6-18, 12 Issues / $47.40 Value - 69% Off)
  • Nat Geo Kids (ages 6-14, 10 Issues / $49.90 Value - 70% Off)
  • Nat Geo Little Kids (ages 3-6, 6 Issues / $29.70 Value - 50% Off)
  • Zoobies (ages 0-3, 6 Issues / $49.90 Value - 70% Off)
  • Zoobooks (ages 6-12, 9 Issues / $49.90 Value - 70% Off)
  • Zootles (ages 2-6, 6 Issues / $49.90 Value - 70% Off)
  • Zoodino (ages 5+, 6 Issues / $49.90 Value - 70% Off)

$29.99 for 1-Year Subscription (12 Issues) to any of the Following Magazines ($59.40 Value - 50% Off):

  • Highlights (ages 6-12)
  • Highlights Hello (ages 0-2)
  • Highlights High Five (ages 2-6)
  • Highlights High Five Bilingue (ages 2-6, Spanish/English)

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Expiration: December 31, 2019

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