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Ages 8-18

CodeWizardsHQ One-Hour Online General Coding Concept Class CodeWizardsHQ One-Hour Online General Coding Concept Class CodeWizardsHQ One-Hour Online General Coding Concept Class CodeWizardsHQ One-Hour Online General Coding Concept Class CodeWizardsHQ One-Hour Online General Coding Concept Class
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Time off from school shouldn't mean time off from learning. Take advantage of a program that will give your child the programming knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in a digital world!

Experience the magic of   CodeWizardsHQ's online coding classes! Classes begin as early as tomorrow!

Designed especially for kids and teens, CodeWizardsHQ masters in delivering fun, live coding programs that engage and inspire learners ages 8-18. Each class entails a hands-on learning project and as kids master each programming skill, they advance to the next level. Every coding class builds on the one before it, meaning that students graduate with a vast mastery of coding skills and a portfolio full of cool, working web pages and apps.

Classes are taught live by industry professionals with a passion for teaching the next generation of coding experts. They not only have expert knowledge to share, but an understanding of what motivates their students. Additionally, the teaching staff is available to their students through direct messaging for any questioning or clarification of material.

Sign up today to make the most of your child's time off from school and enjoy up to 49% Off Online Coding Classes with these three special CertifiKID offers!

1. One-Hour General Introductory Classes ($19 Off!)

Choose from the following:

Intro to JavaScript | Grades 6-12
This class teaches fundamental coding concepts including data types, variables, functions, arguments, and events using JavaScript. Students will learn how to build an application to count clicks and display the number of pizza slices. It’s a fun, interactive game where kids can learn the logic and problem-solving skills important to coding. Students finish the class with a completed pizza counter project showcasing their new skills.

Intro to HTML | Grades 6-12
This class is intended for students who are interested in designing and building websites. Students will learn how to build and design a webpage using HTML and add visual style using CSS. They will learn different techniques meant to help them customize, organize, and style their web pages and gain a strong understanding and foundation for web development. Students finish the class with a completed superhero comic strip project to share with friends and family.

Intro to Scratch | Grades 3-6 
This class is an introduction to coding for young kids using graphical programming in Scratch. Students get to learn powerful programming concepts by dragging and dropping code blocks in Scratch’s easy-to-use interface. They will get an introduction to setting up Scratch and work on a fun and interactive project that includes images and music. Students finish the class with a completed music band project to play with and share.

Intro to Python | Grades 6-12 
This class teaches critical, foundational programming in Python. Students are introduced to important coding concepts such as functions, variables, and data types that are important in other languages too. They get to write real Python code, supported by our custom Python libraries and platform. Students finish the class with a completed, personalized web avatar project to add to their portfolio.

2. Four-Week Coding Concepts Mini-Course ($25 Off!) | Grades 6-12
Each course is Monday-Thursday for one hour a day. Each weekly course covers a specific coding concept - how to think like a programmer, getting familiar with foundational coding concepts (data types, the problems with repeating code, and how to implement the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle), functions and pieces of code that perform specific tasks and finally, defining conditions in programs to make decisions in code. 

Choose from the following: 

  • Intro Scratch Coding Concepts Course: at 1:30 p.m. CT Starting March 23
  • Intro Python Coding Concepts Course: at 2 p.m. CT Starting March 23

3. Twelve-Week Introduction to Programming with Python Full Course ($48 Off!) | Grades 3-12
This class teaches critical, foundational programming in Python including functions, variables, data types, arrays, loops, and operators

For multi-week classes, all skills learned easily transfer to other programming languages – this means investment protection as technology evolves and changes. Best of all, the engaging and fun projects encourage deeper learning and exploration. 

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Phone: 1-800-213-2417
Email: [email protected]

The Deals:

  • $20 for One-Hour Online General Coding Concept Class for One Person ($39 Value - 49% Off).
  • $124 for 4-Week Online Coding Concepts Mini-Course ($149 Value - 17% Off).
  • $399 for 12-Week Full Course Intro to Programming with Python Online Class ($447 Value - 11% Off).
Ages:    8-18 

2020 Class Dates/Times:

  • For all class dates and times, CLICK HERE.
  • More class times and dates are being added all the time!
  • Follow the prompts to determine the best class schedule for your child.

Expiration:  December 31, 2020 

To Redeem and Register for Class:

  • Registration is required and space is limited. After purchase, please click HERE and follow the instructions to register for your desired online classes. Provide your 12-digit CertifiKID voucher number.
  • Please note, you are NOT    officially registered for your online class until you follow the redemption instructions above. 

Valid only for the 2020 online class sessions listed above. Multiple vouchers may be purchased and redeemed for multiple children or multiple online class sessions. Cannot be combined with any other special offers, promotions or discounts. Not valid on prior online class enrollments. Merchant cancellation policy applies. Refunds offered within one day of purchase only. Vendor is responsible for the quality of the products or services provided at redemption.

This deal / promo code / discount / special offer is only available through CertifiKID. If you experience any issues or difficulties with registering or purchasing, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.

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