30% Off ONE YEAR Miacademy Subscription: Online Learning Made Fun! 30% Off ONE YEAR Miacademy Subscription: Online Learning Made Fun! 30% Off ONE YEAR Miacademy Subscription: Online Learning Made Fun! 30% Off ONE YEAR Miacademy Subscription: Online Learning Made Fun!
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Introducing the ultimate online K-8 learning program - Miacademy!

A Miacademy membership provides access to hundreds of engaging learning videos and games - a wholesome mini world will reward your child for learning, which will keep them motivated for more! 

This school year, count on Miacademy to be your kids' core curriculum. Or use Miacademy as a supplement to other learning tools. Each subject can be individually adjusted to the level that is most appropriate for your child. 

How is Miacademy different from other online learning websites? 
In addition to covering math, language arts, science, and social studies, Miacademy offers endless opportunity for real-world learning. Kids can:
  • Create and "sell" art to other Miacademy members. Kids can be creative and then apply their math skills by setting prices in their stores and even setting an advertising budget!
  • Write for Miacademy Weekly, the site's member-written newspaper.
  • Gain life skills with lessons in foreign languages, manners, typing, and more!
Everything that is posted on Miacademy is read by experienced moderators - real people who care deeply about your child's academic progress, engagement and safety.
Miacademy - More Than a Curriculum - A Community!
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The Deal: 30% Off ONE YEAR Miacademy Subscription ($168 value!)
  • Click HERE and use Coupon Code CK30
What You Need to Know:
  • Every membership comes with a "Parent Portal", which lets you set the grade level for each subject area, assign lessons, monitor your child’s progress, and create custom reports that you can save, download, and print on demand.
  • To see what Miacademy offers at each grade level, see the "Scope and Sequence" section here.
  • Offer also valid on Miacademy's sibling websites - Always Icecream (for girls) and Clever Dragons (for boys).
  • Questions? Take a look at the FAQ.

To Redeem:  Click HERE and use Coupon Code CK30

The educational content is identical on Miacademy (for girls and boys), Always Icecream (for girls) and Clever Dragons (for boys). Cannot be combined with any other special offers, promotions or discounts. Vendor is responsible for the quality of the products or services provided at redemption.

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