Electric Gamebox at Fashion Place Mall

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Salt Lake City, UT

Electric Gamebox at Fashion Place Mall
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Ready to enter the Gamebox? Step into a world of immersive adventure - at the NEW Electric Gamebox at Fashion Place Mall!
Electric Gamebox invites you to grab a visor and choose a 30 or 60-minute fully-private adventure with your family. Read our Real Mom Review HERE
Electric Gamebox adventures include:
  • Alien Aptitude Test: London ‘84 - It’s 1984, the aliens have taken over Britain, and they’re moving on to the next step of their invasion; grading the humans to see who is worth keeping around. Can you survive the scrutiny of these extraterrestrials as they grade your group from E- to A+?
  • Ticket to Mars - Tech billionaires have founded a new colony on Mars. Can you help with humanity's fresh start by mining enough Elonium (most humbly named by Elon Musk) and set up the largest colony possible? 
  • Temple of Coins - Dodge ghosts, supercharge on power ups and collect coins as you and your team make your way through the temple.
Get ready for an awe-inspiring, interactive gaming experience - at Electric Gamebox!
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Google Map of Electric Gamebox - Salt Lake City, UT
Electric Gamebox - Salt Lake City, UT

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Fashion Place Mall
6191 S State St Unit 8
Murray, UT 84017

Email: [email protected]

The Deal: 20% Off Electric Gamebox
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What You Need to Know:
  • For Ages 5 and up. 2-6 Players per gamebox. Advanced reservations recommended.
  • Location: Electric Gamebox is located in Fashion Place Mall, just outside the food court and across from Red Rock.
Expiration: September 01, 2022

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