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ARTECHOUSE, the pioneering institution at the intersection of art, science and technology and the national leader in the digital experiential exhibitions, is set to redefine the art scene in Houston with the opening of its new permanent flagship location. This outpost comes on the heels of their critically acclaimed and beloved-by-audiences outposts in Washington D.C., New York City and Miami.
At 26,000 square feet, ARTECHOUSE Houston – provides a home for tech-driven art and artists. The Landmark Destination includes multiple galleries designed to showcase groundbreaking works of art by leading and emerging creative talent across the globe. ARTECHOUSE Houston's inaugural programming features three distinctive exhibitions, showcasing over 18 unique installation pieces connecting visitors to LIGHT + SPACE, ranging from cinematic experiences and laser performances to robotic installations and interactive artworks:
“Beyond the Light” in collaboration with NASA: ARTECHOUSE Studio’s award-winning science-based exhibition integrates the latest experiential storytelling tools with the frontier-pushing data NASA collects about our Universe. Using the latest images from the James Webb Space and Hubble Space Telescopes, "Beyond the Light” is a thrilling interstellar journey into the deepest reaches of the cosmos. At the heart of the exhibit is a 26 mins cinematic piece employing a 100-million-pixel projection, and the latest audio-visual technology to present a mind-bending exploration into the limitless expanses of the galaxy in over 18K resolution. The title piece is accompanied by seven multi-media installations that utilize AI to examine NASA’s data on the moon, heliophysics, Mars rover, climate science, and more.
Intangible Forms by Shohei Fujimoto: Japanese multimedia artist Shohei Fujimoto employs choreographed lasers, strobes and moving lights to explore the universal connections between living beings and their realities. Set in a soundscape inspired by the meditative quiet of Japanese Shinto shrines, each piece from the exhibit challenges viewers to contemplate the dualities of reality and illusory within the framework of what it means to be human amid chaos and order. Fujimoto’s first solo show in North America when it debuted in 2020 at ARTECHOUSE NYC, “Intangible Forms” evolves with each mounting, making the Houston show an adaptive new iteration of the artist’s breathtaking meditation on humanity.
“Eternal Life” commissioned by the Nobel Prize Museum: Delving into themes of eternity and life, the piece draws inspiration from T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets and the cyclical nature of time. Initially commissioned by the Nobel Prize Museum in 2022, this updated 2024 version incorporates interpretations of Nobel Prize-winning works such as the celestial orbits and the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology. Influenced by Harry Martinson’s Nobel-winning Aniara, the digital content is presented on a lens-like physical canvas that serves as a portal to a parallel universe and explores the landscape of the mind.

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