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Does Back to School Have you Thinking… Please go Back to Sleep? We can Help!


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As a mom of my first kindergartner, back to school has been a really magical time, and maybe not for the reasons you would think. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED taking his pictures and buying his school clothes. I even loved getting his school supplies. Although $200 later, I was slightly stunned at the cost . . . okay, I was blown away! Do you blame me?!

I didn’t cry when I dropped him off, but I sobbed when I picked him up and he told me about how great his day was. Tim has some rare medical complexities and I always thought we would home school him because of his seizures and challenges with his immune system. I literally can’t express what it means to us that he gets this normalcy. This is his Super Bowl!

A Super Bowl that absolutely snuck up on me. I think I was a little in denial and a whole lot into summer. Navigating the first week of adjusting sleep schedules, eating routines, school prep, and packing back packs had my head spinning. Anyone with me? 

While I can’t nail everything I just listed, sleeping great in our house is not optional! Tim’s health requires good rest. My health and ability to care for him depends on my good rest.

I deeply hope some of our family tips and information that I have gained over my 22 years in the sleep health and wellness space will help you during this exciting (but occasionally stressful) time of year. We at LUFT Beds could not be more excited to partner with CertifiKID to help you navigate great sleep for your house, and more importantly, safe sleep!

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Sleep is a Gift

Giving Health
Working through the pain points of helping your child sleep well can be one of the hardest but most rewarding gifts you can give them and yourself. Children need quality sleep for proper growth, development, and functionality during the day. Sleep goes beyond helping them build strong bodies; it is responsible for a healthy immune system and neuro functions including: mood, concentration, disposition, and regulating their metabolism.

How much sleep do they need?
3-5 years - 11-13 hours
5-10 years - 10-11 hours
10-17 years - 8.5-9.5 hours

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What You Sleep On Matters

Safety First 
As parents, we agonize over making the best choices for our kids; from schools, to food, to sunscreen, we want what is best for them. Let me ask you a question: have you thought about what is inside your child’s mattress?

If you haven’t, you are not alone, I am in the industry and I assumed they were safe, why wouldn’t they be? 

I vividly remember Tim’s doctor sharing with me the three most toxic things in a home: mattresses, carpet and paint. He went on to say that mattresses have become the new lead paint of our generation. They can be full of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and carcinogens that off-gas traces of these harmful substances. These things can affect everyone, but kids with allergies, ADD, ADHD, asthma, ASD, Epilepsy and NDD’s are particularly susceptible. I was floored and disturbed. In a single moment, my passion became a new purpose: to provide safe, affordable sleep products and educate people on safe sleep.

What to Look For

At LUFT Beds we build each mattress with the safety and quality standards below. When shopping for a mattress, these are the health recommendations I believe matter the most:

100% made AND SOURCED in the USA. Many mattresses today are partially or completely imported making their materials hard to trust.

Natural fire barriers. We use cotton and rayon (same fabrics as clothing), no harsh chemicals!

Third-party safety certifications.

  • Okeo Tex Certification for fabrics - Ensures there are no harsh chemicals or carcinogens in the fabric you are laying on and breathing in.
  • CertiPur Foam Certification - Ensures the foam is certified to not contain dangerous chemicals (O-zone Depleters, VOC’S) and heavy metals (also certifies quality).

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Picking a Mattress

It’s important to look for a mattress that is designed for a child and their growing bodies. All too often we go to the mattress store for the first “big boy” bed and end up with the cheapest mattress in the store that is made for adults (too hard) and/or has the lowest quality foams and fabrics in it.

My son was the inspiration behind creating Little LUFT; a bed that is safe, affordable, and made just for kids. Little LUFT features a custom coil system designed to support bodies weighing 30 - 175 lbs combined with Serene Foam to support and cushion their body through every growth phase. 

If you still have questions, call one our Sleep Experts at 1-855-700-5838. We will help you even if you are not interested in a LUFT.

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Sleep Routine

Routine A.K.A Sanity
Sleep routines are the first step to restoring rest in the home! They condition the brain that it is time to go to sleep. They help your child understand bedtime is coming, and give them a sense of security. A consistent sleep routine allows him or her to fall asleep on their own (BONUS), and if they wake up in the middle of the night they are not afraid and fall asleep again on their own (DOUBLE BONUS).

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Routines should work with your lifestyle. They can have multiple steps or take just a few minutes. Choose things that fit your life and that you can do consistently, and then stick to them, even on vacations and over-nighters. For example, routines may look like:

  • Get on PJ’s, have milk, use the restroom, brush teeth, read a story, sing a bedtime song (always the same) and lights out.
  • Routines can be as simple as a kiss goodnight from mom and dad and a short bedtime story with the bedroom door closed.
  • If your child or children are over the age of 3 you can involve them in picking their routine. Do they want to read a book, sing a song, or have a bath?
  • Pick a time of night that works for your house and stick to it. In the beginning, let them know in advance bedtime is coming. Say something like, “In 10 minutes we are going to get ready for bed.”.

Sleep Environment

Safe Space
Create a sleep environment that feels safe. Both my kids have night lights and sound machines (we like ocean sounds). They help IMMENSELY when we travel because I can bring something from home they associate with sleep and it gives them a sense of familiarity, safety, and security. The sound machine will also drown out noises from thin walls or loud house guests - WINNING!

If your kiddos are afraid of the dark, get them a night light(s). We use ones that have ceiling projection and they work great!

Keep it Cool and Dark
If possible, keep their bedroom dark and cool at night. We use blackout blinds and try to keep our bedrooms at 68 degrees.

No Electronics
Turn off your electronics at night. Do not allow cell phones or tablets in the bedroom. Electronics disrupt the circadian rhythms that affect sleep. If you do allow them, get blue light screen filters and set your phone to night screen. I also recommend turning off Wi-Fi, we have a remote to turn it off while we are sleeping.

Need More Help

If you need to sleep train your child or have a specific sleep issue I highly recommend looking for additional resources. I like and have used Dr. Ferber’s book “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems”. This book covers a wide range of sleep issues including bed wetting, nightmares, head banging and sleep training. All of his techniques are based in science and I have found them to be effective and compassionate. Remember, this is your child, and what is most important is finding a technique that feels comfortable to you. There are lots of effective ones out there!

Wishing you and your family great rest!


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