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The Most Clever and Hilarious Family Christmas Card Ideas {You Should Totally Steal}

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Photo Courtesy of Jill Kraatz Photo Courtesy of Jill Kraatz

Snail mail is all but dead except for during the holiday season, and there's something so amazing about heading to your mailbox knowing that something other than bills awaits you. From family updates to picturesque settings, holiday cards are the hero we often don't even realize we need during this hectic season.

Let's face it, though - the humorous cards you receive always get just a smidge (if not more) appreciation, as everyone needs comic relief in the face of seasonal stress. Whether you're a comedic shark yourself or tend to need a bit of a push in this direction, this article can help.

Read on for clever and hilarious holiday photo inspiration that will surely earn you top spot on your recipients' Hallmark cork board. 

Go Grinch or Go Home

Grinch family photos for the holidays
Photo Courtesy of Vintage Revivals Blog

Is there a more visually pleasing holiday get-up than that of The Grinch and all the Whos in Whoville? Take one look at this fun family photo and you'll surely agree. It looks relatively easy to boot (and is great for big families!)

Mom, Santa and Sassy Siblings

holiday card with kids and Santa
Photo Courtesy of Erika Quiel - Photography by Adam Hendershott

Jammies, color and crazy kids - this one has it all. Once again, letting everyone's true nature shine is the way to get giggles and grins this Christmas time. 

Christmas Vacation for Cackles

Griswold Christmas Vacation Card
Photo Courtesy of Brooke Kelly Photography

If you take a Griswoldian approach to your overdone Christmas lights, why not get your family in on the act with this hilarious holiday card idea? And could it be any easier? Even Rusty could handle this one.

"Santa, We Can Explain"

Santa Mugshot Christmas Card
Photo Courtesy of Pearland Police Department

The Santa mugshot Christmas card might not be the most original but the true magic happens when you customize it for your own family. Huge bonus points for the teen "eye rolling" conviction in this photo, as so many parents can relate.

Food Fiiiiiiiiiight!

food fight holiday card
Photo Courtesy of Rustic Home Decor

There's nothing better than a good old-fashioned food fight...unless you're tasked with cleaning it up. This particular photo is so fantastic, as it has that Normal Rockwell vibe to it but then chaos obviously ensues, which is very true to life when it comes to the holidays.

Real Life (And Much Less Loathsome) Elf on the Shelf

Baby Elf on the Shelf holiday card
Photo Courtesy of Alan Lawrence of That Dad Blog

The bane of holiday existence for any parent is moving that damn elf every single day but, if you've got a baby, this is just plain cute. Opening a card with this photo on it just might soften the outlook on Elf on the Shelf. 

Never Cast Doubt on a Christmas Classic

Santa and Crying Babies
Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth McGrath Varrenti

We know it's not right to laugh at crying babies, but there is one exception - when they are in Santa's lap. When you have kids, you honestly don't know what you're going to get the first time they meet St. Nick. When it's this reaction, a photo is basically a rite of passage. 

The Quintessential Christmas Story

A Christmas Story holiday photo
Photo Courtesy of Jenny Jacobs

Is this the most unique holiday photo for your Christmas cards? No. Is it entertaining as all get out? Yes! There are so many ways to pull this off, but this dad as the notorious leg lamp is by far the best. This iconic Christmas film holds a special place in our hearts, so this photo will surely bring a smile to the faces of your friends and family members.

Oh, What a Tangled Web 

parents tied up funny holiday card
Photo Courtesy of Jason Lee Photography

Again, there are many variations of this on the interwebs, but it's hard to get cuter than these two little gals. Whether the parents are bound and tied to chairs (which we've also seen!) or, in this case, tangled in the Christmas lights (that had already previously tortured the parents, no doubt), this one never disappoints.

A Not-So-Inside Family Joke

Photo Courtesy of @cantseawright on Twitter

There's always one, right? Whether you're the token single person or the one with the rotating boyfriend/girlfriend, every family seems to have a member who is the inevitable butt of the joke...but it's all in fun. And when it's memorialized in a holiday card, it's even better.

Embrace the Imperfection

holiday card about imperfections
Photo Courtesy of Marci Richard

Any parent knows that to snap that perfect holiday card-worthy shot takes hours - if it happens at all. Why force it? Sometimes the most perfect cards are the ones that aren't perfect at all. 

Seasonal Swap Is Seriously Disturbing Yet So Funny

face swap Christmas card
Photo Courtesy of @ignore_my_typo on Reddit

Although the app Face Swap is quite a few years old now, you have to admit to yourself that you still laugh when you see them, as there is something just so wrong about the whole thing. But, like, a good wrong. So when this family decided to go for it on a Christmas card, the gauntlet was thrown in a big way.

Pooch Smooch For the Win

girl and dog holiday photo
Photo Courtesy of Erin Vey Photography

Humor is great but this one just goes right for the feels and, boy, it's a direct hit. Kids AND dogs in one photo? It's a no-brainer.

Santa, You There?

baby by fireplace Santa Christmas card
Photo Courtesy of Heather from Essential Infant Resource for Moms

The common denominator of all cute Christmas cards are adorable babies, but the earnestness of this one is just too much. And how easy is this to recreate on your own? If you've got a wee one, a fireplace and a bit of ingenuity, you're good to go (or ho, ho, ho).  

Positively Pawdorable

holiday photo with family and puppy
Photo Courtesy of Ridgeview Images Photography

The only thing that'll score you more cute credit than babies are puppies. Come on with this photo already. If you've got a pup now or have one coming soon, make him or her the star of the season and your holiday card. 

O Come All Ye Parental Frustrations

Photo Courtesy of Farrell Photography

Being a parent can be frustrating, especially during the holidays. Instead of grinning and bearing it or even trying to downplay it, embrace the universality of it. Fellow parents will love getting a photo like this.


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