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Adventure Park USA Height, Weight & Age Restrictions

Indoor Attractions:
West World Laser Tag
Restore peace in this multi-level Western town! When you step into West World Laser Tag, you will be transcended in time all the way back to 1876.  On the journey into the Wild West of the past, you’ll enter an old town controlled by the rowdy Bricker gang. It’s your job to help restore the peace for the residents as you advance carefully through dark corridors and navigate tricky corners in this multi-level Wild West town. Restrictions: No age, height or weight requirements!
Rustler's Ridge Rock Wall
Ascend to new heights! Challenge yourself as you climb higher and higher on Rustler's Ridge Rock Wall. A true physical and mental adventure - with three different levels of difficulty to choose from. Restrictions: Must be 50 - 250 lbs. to climb, and tall enough to wear a safety vest.
Hang 'Em High Ropes Course
Climb 13 feet into the air and challenge yourself to the adventure of an indoor ropes course! Defy even your own expectations – give Hang 'Em High Ropes Course a try! Restrictions: Max weight is 250 lbs. Must be tall enough to wear a safety vest (around 36"). 
Spin Zone Bumper Cars
Experience a new kind of Bumper Cars! When one bumper car hits another, the car goes into an uncontrolled spin!  Send your friends into uncontrolled spins! Sometimes - seemingly out of the blue - all bumper cars will simultaneously start spinning. It's a spinning bumping good time! Restrictions: Must be 36" tall.
Gold Rush Soft Playground 
CLICK HERE to watch a video of Gold Rush Playground. Just for the little ones... Explore the terrain of the Wild Wild West in this indoor, four-level Gold Rush Soft Play area featuring tunnels, nets, bars, and slides.  There's even a Mine Shaft and Toddler Shack for the smallest of adventurers to play. Parents - Sit back, relax, and let your little ones enjoy themselves. Restrictions: For children under 48” only.
Outdoor Attractions:
Wild West Express Roller Coaster
The park’s newest attraction, opened Memorial Day Weekend 2015. At 53 feet tall, it is the highest roller coaster in the park. Featuring tight turns and heart-pounding drops, this coaster is a true thrill for thrill-seekers. Restrictions: Must be at least 52” tall to ride unaccompanied or at least 50" tall when accompanied by an adult age 18 years or older. 
Wild Cat Roller Coaster
Wait 'til you see this incredible coaster! Experience the twists and turns of the Wild Cat as it speeds high into the air around tight curves and up and down thrilling hills! The Wildcat has a steel track that takes riders through an interlocking figure eight design. Restrictions: Must be at least 48” tall to ride. 
Frog Hopper
Restrictions: Must be 36” tall to ride.
Rattlesnake Tilt-A-Whirl
Restrictions: Must be 48” tall to ride.
You’ll be dizzy with excitement! It's your favorite carnival ride, right here at Adventure Park USA. Get twisted and spun around in a whirl-wind of fun as you attempt to fight the momentum that smashes you against your fellow riders! Restrictions: Must be 48” tall.
Enjoy the Desert Oasis Landscape. This oasis has more than enough adventure to go around! Adventure Park USA features two challenging 18-hole miniature golf courses – Thunderin’ Falls and Dry Gulch. Watch out for mirages of refreshing streams and fountains - both courses have an abundance of water! These courses provide excitement for the whole family as you make your way over rampant river beds, between looming spires, and across engulfing canyons. Don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous desert oasis landscape. Play the 19th hole, and you could win a prize!
Crater Lake Bumper Boats
Cruise around Crater Lake on a bumper boat equipped with a super water cannon to blast your friends and fellow fun-seekers! The the perfect way to cool down – be prepared to get wet! Restrictions: 425 pound maximum total weight, 2 years old to ride, 6 or older to drive, 10 or older to drive with a passenger under 6 years old. Opens Memorial Day weekend.
Horseless Carriage Go Karts
Get a move on! Adventure Park USA features an exhilarating, fast-paced go kart track where guests of all ages can test out their driving skills.  Race around the Family Track in the Formula Karts or Double Karts, or take the younger ones to drive the Rookie Karts. Restrictions: Must be 58" to drive Formula Karts. For Double Karts, must be 4 years old to ride along with a driver.  Rookie Karts: Must  be 48 ” to drive.
Giddy up and hop on a saddle as our horse-filled merry-go-round will excite the young buckaroos and bring back memories for parents and grandparents! Restrictions: Must be 36″ to ride alone.
Spin your way to fun! Restrictions: Must be 36" - 48" tall.
Mini Himalaya
Not quite the real Himalyas, but exiting nonetheless! Restrictions: Must be 36” to ride alone. Under 36” must be accompanied by a responsible rider age 10 or older. 
Mini Helicopters
Your kids will love to fly their own helicopter! Kids can be their own pilot. There’s enough room for two chidlren in each helicopter, and both can sit up front. The perfect ride for young children! Restrictions: Must be at least 2 years old and 24" - 48" tall.

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