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Introduce your child to the joys of pets with an aquarium starter kit!

Fish like Bettas and tetras are great first-time pets for kids. They are beautiful, fun to watch and have their own personalities. Keeping fish encourages kids to bond with their pet and take responsibility for feeding and looking after their welfare. Plus, kids love to choose from the different types of gravel, silk plants and ornaments to decorate and customize their tank. has put together two great aquarium kits to get your child started. Both kits include a lot more than just the tank. The compact designs are great for a kid’s room or anywhere else around your home.
Two Options:

Click HERE for Option 1:

$25 for an Aqueon Double Sided Black Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit 

Perfect for your child’s Betta fish!  

The kit includes:

  • 1 gallon acrylic tank with 360° visibility
  • Mini Bow filter and first cartridge
  • Fully lighted hood with 7 watt bulb and feeding door
  • Water conditioner
  • Premium Betta food
  • Bonus Offers: $5 eGift Card plus Free Shipping
  • 36% Savings! Regular Price: $38.98 ($27.99 + $5 eGift Card + $5.99 shipping)


Click HERE for Option 2:

$50 for a Marineland Contour Glass LED Aquarium Kit

More room to house a Betta or other tropical fish like tetras!

The kit includes:

  • 3 gallon glass tank
  • 3-stage hidden filtration with first cartridge and Bio-Foam
  • Adjustable flow filter pump
  • Energy efficient white and blue LEDs for daytime and nighttime settings
  • Bonus Offers: $10 eGift Card, Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner plus Free Shipping 24% Savings!
  • Regular Price: $64.99 ($54.99 + $10 eGift Card)

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