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Washington, DC

The Pavilion at Beantree Summer Camp 2017


$325 or $350 for One-Week Specialty Camp 

For 6 - 14 Year-Olds
June 12 - August 14, 2017
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
 Camps in GREEN are $325 (Regularly $475)                                                                                  Camps in BLUE are $350. (Regularly $500 - 520)  
Forensics    YES               YES
Mad Scientist YES           YES      
Edible Science     YES              
Go Green         YES          
Survival           YES        
Educate and Explore       YES YES     YES YES  
Building Blocks and Brains     YES           YES YES
In Flight               YES    
Digital Cookbook Creation         YES       YES  
Drama & Music Production     YES   YES YES YES YES    
Dance    YES             YES  
Creative Writing YES         YES        
Extreme Cuisine YES YES   YES   YES YES YES   YES
Sports & Games YES     YES           YES
Basketball   YES     YES   YES   YES  
Lacrosse   YES       YES        
Volleyball - Rec     YES           YES  
Soccer YES   YES   YES   YES YES YES  
Specialty Camp Descriptions
Full STEAM Ahead!
Forensics Camp (Weeks 2, 10)
There has been a mysterious case of disappearing supplies and equipment at the school, and we need the detective skills of our campers to help solve this mystery! Campers will utilize professional investigation techniques such as fingerprinting, crime scene analysis, interviewing, profile sketching, and much more to help narrow down the suspect list! Once campers have completed their investigations, they will plead their case and convict the guilty!
Mad Scientist (Weeks 1, 7)
Calling all experimental masterminds! Come to our laboratory and utilize hands-on learning experiments to discover the basic fundamentals of physics, biology, and basic chemistry. While learning basic principles, campers will create exploding and bubbling experiments that are sure to entice all campers to join the world of Mad Science!
Edible Science (Week 3)
Do you enjoy creating scientific masterpieces but also love to try new and exotic foods? Join us in the kitchen and laboratory where we will create experiments that we can eat! If what excites you is creating gooey slime that
you can slurp or eating rocks that taste just as good as they look, come join our experimental team and enter the
laboratory full of design and wild tastes!
Go Green (Week 5)
Come join the campers in designing and constructing spaces here at The Pavilion that will help create a more “green” environment! Throughout the week campers will learn about different ways in which we can help the environment, including designing, building, and planting a garden right here on our Campus! We will transform our campers into junior conservationists as they lead the scene to go green!
Survival (Week 6)
Let’s take it to the outdoors! Have you ever wanted to learn basic survival skills and then be able to put them to the test? Come and join our Survival Week where campers will learn how to survive with the bare minimum. Once campers have learned about various survival skills including cooking in the wilderness and edible plants, they will put their knowledge to the test through a series of survival scenarios in the school and around the community.
Educate and Explore!
Educate and Explore! (Weeks 4, 5, 8, 9)
Why not combine both classroom learning and hands-on experiences through adventures that students will talk about for days?! Welcome to the world of Educate and Explore where campers will gain valuable knowledge about topics including zoo life, fossils, rock formations, and much more! Once campers have built a foundation of understanding for each topic, they will venture out and discover first hand everything they learned in the classroom!
Week 4 – Zoology
Week 5 – Mystical Math
Week 8 – Discover Geology
Week 9 – History Buffs
Building Blocks and Brains! (Weeks 3, 9, 10)
Do you love building but also want to put your knowledge to practical experiences? Our curriculum will encourage the children to go beyond simple building. Half of the day children will be challenged to problem-solve and put their math and science skills to the test, learn about architecture and design, and develop team building skills. The other half of the day they will put the other side of their brains to work, physically venturing out, exploring, and putting their knowledge to the test!
Week 3 – Outer Space
Week 9 – Ninjas
Week 10 – Blocks and Beads
Discover the Arts
Amazing Art (Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10)
Aspiring artists will use a wide range of mediums and techniques as they explore their surroundings using a creative
eye. They will help design and produce one-of-a-kind art pieces that will be displayed throughout The Pavilion. Children will also be inspired to use their own imagination and create beautiful masterpieces that would rival any art studio! You won’t want to miss the opportunity to design and make costumes and stage props that will be used in our musical production of “Willy Wonka Kids” or an original Pavilion production written and directed by our very own campers. Led by our talented staff, the children will discover how to reach their inner creativity and form showpieces that will surely blow you away!
Week 1 – Ceramics
Week 2 – Costuming and Stage Design
Week 3 – Canvas Creations
Week 4 – Patriotic Works
Week 6 – Tiles and Mosaics
Week 7 – Painting Workshop
Week 8 – Costuming and Stage Design
Week 10 – Paper Mache
In Flight (Week 8)
Let’s soar through the world of space aviation! Campers will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of space travel and modern day aircrafts through a variety of hands-on learning. Children will be encouraged to create and design their own model aircrafts, participate in flight simulators, and much more! Come join the next generation of aviation specialists!
Digital Cookbook Creation (Weeks 5, 9)
Every great chef needs a cookbook to share their culinary creations with the world! Come explore the world of creating and cooking one-of-a-kind dishes and then photographing your culinary showpieces. The finished product will not only include tasting delicious foods, but also having a cookbook to teach others to recreate your dishes! Learn the ins and outs of both cooking and basic photography and editing all “rolled” into one!
Drama & Music Productions (Weeks 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)
It’s Lights, Camera, Action at The Pavilion! First dip your toes into the Basics of Broadway with an introduction week
that will have your camper on their way to becoming a “triple threat!” In the weeks to follow, campers will experience
first-hand musical numbers set to this year’s favorite musical classic, “Willy Wonka Kids,” and have the chance to
participate in an original production written and produced by our very own Creative Writing campers! Our Drama Production Team consists of Amber Koenig, musician and vocal coach, and Melissa Jones, professional Dancer and
Choreographer. Be ready to set the stage with fun dance numbers, dramatic drama, and musical numbers that will have viewers on the edge of their seat! All productions will conclude with a performance for all to enjoy!
Week 3 – Original Pavilion Production
Week 5 – Intro to Voice
Week 6 – Music and Dance, Broadway Basics (Ages 8-14)
Weeks 7 & 8 – “Willy Wonka Kids”
Dance (Weeks 2, 9)
Dance, dance, dance! Melissa Jones, choreographer, professional dancer, and educator has worked with all ages and skill levels. Whether you want to learn new dance skills or refine your already top of the line moves, this is where you want to be! Campers will be twisting and turning their way through a series of choreographed routines that will be sure to excite the inner dancer in everyone!
Week 2 – Introduction to Dance
Week 9 – Hip Hop
Creative Writing (Weeks 1, 6)
Come be a part of an original creation and production at The Pavilion! Students will have the opportunity to write and edit their very own play for our campers to perform in the weeks to follow! Instructors will guide the campers through a writing process with the end result being a one-of-a-kind production performed by our very own campers! Campers can also take part in a chance to create their own stories through our Storytellers Camp. Everyone has the opportunity to take original ideas and compile them into their very own story to tell.
Week 1 – Play Creation (Ages 8-14)
Week 6 – Storytellers (Ages 6-7)
Extreme Cuisine (Weeks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10)
Tantalize your taste buds with culinary creations made by your camper with the help of some of the best culinary teachers in the area. With expansive menu options sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, campers will explore how to create a variety of menu options while learning about varying culinary techniques. From the bakery to the farm, campers will learn how to create culinary dishes without boundaries where the only limit depends on your taste buds.
Week 1 – Fair Foods
Week 2 – Frozen
Week 4 – Sweets
Week 6 – Cakes of All Sizes
Week 7 – Tastes of the World
Week 8 – Chocolates and Candy
Week 10 – Farm Fresh
Sports and Games (Weeks 1, 4, 10)
Why enjoy just one sport this summer when you could test your skills and ability to master multiple? Experience new challenges in various team sports from basketball to street hockey, engage in the lighter fun challenges of unique dodge ball games, and test your mental strength in a challenging obstacle course. This is no ordinary Sports and Games Camp – our program will test the limits of your camper, both physically and mentally.
Basketball (Weeks 2, 5, 7, 9)
Dribbling, layups, and footwork! Challenge your current abilities or begin learning the basics of basketball. Moe
Gray has brought his 20 years of experience to the youth of Northern Virginia. He is the founder of Basics 1st Basketball
and has coached, trained, and mentored athletes from elementary age to professional. As a NCAA certified coach, he has also run camps for NBA players. Coach Gray is also the co-founder of the non-profit organization Brighter Day, which provides financial and educational support to at-risk youth nationally. Our top notch basketball instructors will help your child master basic and advanced skills including passing, dribbling, shooting, and sportsmanship. Our daily 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 competitions will provide the opportunity for campers to practice and fine-tune skills they have learned.
Lacrosse (Weeks 2, 6)
Want to be a part of one of the fastest growing sports? Our coaches will help campers learn and practice the basic skills of the game such as scooping, passing, catching, and cradling. Performance drills will prepare our campers to compete against one another and put their skills to the test!
Volleyball – Recreational (Weeks 3, 9)
Come join international athlete and coach, Josi Pinherio, in learning the fundamentals of the sport of volleyball! Campers
will work on motor learning, such as hand-eye coordination, and body mechanics of passing, setting, serving, and hitting. This professionally taught program is designed to promote teamwork and foster self- esteem!
Soccer (Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10)
Let’s play some soccer! Join the professional and experienced coaches of Teach and Technique Soccer Program and learn the fundamentals of the game of soccer. Camp sessions will be lead by Trevor Parker and Bo Amato who
are certified and professional coaches from the United Kingdom. Campers will enjoy working on drills that will teach coordination, gross and fine motor skills, and team work! Once campers work on these skills they will have the opportunity to play one another and put their ball handling techniques to the test!

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