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In the last six months, I have used Certifikid on a variety of deals. From Funfit and Little Gym classes for the little one to tutoring for my post-tween son, there is no shortage in either delighting in discounts for previously-known businesses or discovering new companies with products specificially tailored to the kids. What I do appreciate the most is Jamie (owner)'s accessibility and availability whenever I have an issue. She has been prompt in responding - using email, phone, or even instant messaging. I am happy to continue to be one of Certifikid's customers, and I have my eye out (and fingers ready at the keyboard) to grab one of the awesome deals featured. In this economy, you can't afford not to!
Language Stars was very pleased with our first promotion with Certifikid, and with the ease of working with them. We plan on repeating the campaign in the near future.
I was thrilled to be a Certifikid feature/deal and would do it again! My experience as a vendor was nothing but fantastic. Jamie was kind, helpful and professional. My website received a ton of hits and I received several sales in addition to the Certifikid deal/sales. I am looking forward to having another piece featured.
We really enjoyed being featured on Certifkid this past fall. Creating and running our deal was a piece of cake and time well-spent for us in terms of connecting with new customers. We anticipate working with Certifkid in the future to create new promotions and expand our customer base.
I became a fan of Certifikid after a friend suggested it to me. I am so impressed with the great deals that Certifikid offers. One of my favorite purchases was a 50 dollar gift card to Greenberries for 25$. I can not believe how awesome this deal was. I was able to purchase a Christmas present for my son that I would not have been able to afford otherwise. It is so exciting to have great local deals available with just a few clicks of the mouse. I also grabbed the deal for Gymboree. What a great bonding time for mommy and baby. Keep up the good work Certifikid!
I love Certifikid bc... 1) Any excuse I can get to spend money on something FUN for the girls...I'm in :) 2) I look forward to the new deal bc it gets my mind workin' on what my next project SHOULD BE (emphasis on the "should'") 3) It's hard to do the research alone...if someone that I trust is going to do it for me AND gimme a deal..well, now that's just a no-brainer :) 4) Jamie's a cool girl with cool ideas - thank you!
In addition to the great deals, what makes Certifikid stand out to me compared to the other sites is how responsive they are to any issue with your purchase (they get back to you right away and it’s nice talking to a mom!) and any deals you would like featured. I emailed them asking for a deal on a birthday party performer and the deal was posted within a few weeks.
What I love best about Certifikid is how unique and creative the deals are. I’m always looking for ideas for stuff to do with my kids and things to buy for them and Certifikid is like my personal shopper and planner that pays more attention to my budget than I do.
We are big fans of Certifikid and look forward to waking up to their daily deal every morning. We feel like it is the only site that really offers deals that relate to our family. We both work and have 3 kids, so the variety of deals and savings are extremely helpful! We've purchased several awesome deals and continue to rave about the site to all of our friends! Thanks Certifikid!
I was so excited when Certifikid launched; the daily deal site concept is great, but I wasn't seeing useful offers for my area. Through Certifikid, I've saved hundreds of dollars on gifts, classes for my three children, and a professional photography session. I love the focus on kids and busy families!
When I look at a business I look at who is behind the business and who is running the business. I liked Jamie from the second I met her and realized this was an honest person doing something she was passionate about. She started from the ground up which is something I could relate to and was a pleasure to work with. She has a great following in DC and the surrounding area and I know many families have been very happy with the deals that Certifikid has featured. Long live Certifikid!
I have used other services similar to Certifikid to promote my company through a special promotion with little success before. I had more qualified clients respond to my promotion on Certifikid and become long term clients than I ever expected. I highly recommend a company to do a promotion with Jamie and Certifikid. I can’t wait to do another one myself!!
lil omm yoga worked with Certifikid and had a wonderful experience. We got new students from the deal who had not heard of us before, and we were able to offer discounts to students who come regularly. Working with Certifikid was easy and pleasant and we look forward to doing another deal with them again in the future!
This is to recommend the Certifikid Service to all family businesses. Certifikid has grown in a very short time and is now a household name with families. I posted my coupon for my Classes and programs in my Family Fitness Center and in one quick day had 25 new customers. It cost nothing to run and Jamie did everything from taking the orders to letting me know who purchased the certificates. Jamie is easy to work with and advises you as needed. It is a homerun for all and I will be running with Jamie again and again.

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