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Welcome to Poplin, Your Personal Laundry Service Give your household the gift of Poplin. Poplin’s Laundry Pros will tame even your most unruly, rumpled piles into pristine stacks of perfectly folded laundry. All that’s left for you to do is get dressed. Simply Tap and Your Laundry is Finished Poplin’s state-of-the-art app makes it possible to have your laundry done with the touch of a button. You can arrange pick-ups, leave instructions, track progress, send messages, and rate your experience. Laundry is their Love Language Poplin's fleet of care-obsessed Laundry Pros are true craftspeople, type-A altruists who pour their hearts into the little things. They’re actually delicate with delicates. They wouldn’t dream of over-stuffing a dryer. They can fold the trickiest of tops. Hand over your laundry, and they won’t just wash your clothes – they’ll pamper them. It’s a New Day for Laundry Your clothing should never find itself in a rumpled mess, shoved into your dryer, left unfolded for days, or otherwise neglected. Poplin sees your laundry as clothing, and cares for it accordingly. Once you experience what finished laundry feels like, you’ll never DIY this task again. 3 Steps to Smarter Laundry Order. Download the app and order. Prepare. Set your laundry out for pick up. (Machine-dry in one bag, hang-dry in another.) Finished. We’ll pick up your laundry, take care of it, and return it in perfectly folded stacks the very next day.
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