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How CertifiKID Works

Every day, CertifiKID features a family-friendly product, service or attraction in an email to our
mom and dad subscribers.

A Typical CertifiKID Subscriber

The majority of our subscribers are active moms who are looking for the very best for their families.
They are mobile, engaged on social media, and a trusted influence within their circles of influence.
Our moms are loyal and consistently return to businesses featured on CertifiKID.

How CertifiKID Can Help Your Business

A partnership with CertifiKID puts your business and brand messaging front and center to
engaged parents nationwide looking for the best for their families.

Partnership Opportunities

CertifiKID offers customizable partnership opportunities to fit your marketing plan and budget.

Redirect Campaigns

Redirect Campaigns

Redirect our audience to your website for firsthand engagement using our hybrid email and web campaign.

Dedicated Emails

Dedicated Emails

Spotlight your brand with an email dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to your brand and messaging.



Grow your subscriber base by offering a giveway or contest on our site or social media channels.

Banner Advertisements

Banner Advertisements

Put your brand front and center through prime placement of digital ads on our site and emails.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Extend your reach with targeted posts, paid placements and influencer engagement across multiple channels.

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Add a personalized touch to your campaign with a blog post professionally written by our content team.

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