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17 Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home

17 fun things to do at home if coronavirus keeps you indoors 17 fun things to do at home if coronavirus keeps you indoors

CertifiKID isn't just a business built for families it is also run by families. As parents, we share your fears as they relate to the CoVid-19 (Corona) virus. We know that some of the families we serve have already been impacted by this crisis. And that number may increase. While we can't take the fear away, we do want you to know you aren’t alone. Team CertifiKID has your back.

We put together this resource of fun things to do at home with your family should you be quarantined. The silver lining? These things are great for just a regular ole rainy day or any day!

Homemade Nontoxic Play Clay

Math and chemistry lessons are hidden in this squishy fun. Mix up a batch or two from this recipe for homemade nontoxic clay. Break out your cookie cutters, grab those stray straws that seem to always find their way into the junk drawer, find some old building logs or baubles and let the kids create their own city, garden, or original works of art built from the play clay they made. 

Sock Puppet Theatre

What laundry room or clothes hamper would be complete without that stray sock that never meets its match? Rather than putting it in the recycling bin, why not repurpose it for the stage? Gather up the lonely socks, raid your arts-and-crafts stash, and get ready for greatness. There are tons of tutorials out there that can guide you through the simplest of DIY designs all the way up to Muppet-level artistry.

As for the stage itself, that can be simple too. Have a cardboard box or two? Maybe an old pool noodle? Here is a super-quick puppet theater How-To.

Play Card Games

A deck of cards can hold a world of wonders. We reached out to Corinne Schmitt, author of "Super Fun Family Card Games: 75 Games for All Ages," to get the inside scoop on her favorite games.

One of my family’s absolute favorites is “Speed.” Everyone from preschoolers on up can play and a single round takes less than a minute so it’s easy to play for as little or as long as you want. We love “James Bond” for many of the same reasons, though it’s best for players age seven or older and takes a few minutes longer than “Speed.” I’m personally fond of “Solitaire Twist” because it was the first game I chose for the book that was completely made up by my kids. It’s best for players over the age of six. - Corinne Schmitt

The book is available in a Kindle format too, so you don’t even have to go out to get it or wait for shipping. In fact, simple games we know like; Go Fish or Crazy 8s are just hours of fun and most of us don’t even need a book for that!

Family Movie Marathon

With all the streaming services out there, it is super easy to host a movie marathon. But, what do you do if you can’t all agree on what to watch? How about making it a mystery? Grab some paper, pens or pencils and a hat or bowl. Each family member gets to vote for two or three movies they want to see. Randomly pull a slip of paper out of the hat or bowl, and that’s the movie that is up next. This way there is excitement for the next flick and everyone gets a vote.

Make Your Own Movie!

Our smartphones and tablets put movie-making at our fingertips! Let your little Scorseses’ and aspiring Jordan Peeles’ explore their inner directors and producers with some fun family film making. All you need is some creativity, imagination, and a smartphone.

Want to take your movie making to the next level? Chris, aka The Games Guy, recommends checking out Toontastic from Google.

Build Your Own Movie Projector

We were yesterday’s old when we learned this hack. Seriously, how did we not know about this? If you have a shoe box, magnifying glass, and a few other simple supplies that are usually staples in a house with kids, you can MAKE YOUR OWN movie projector!

Show Off Your Old School Fort Building Skills 

Wow your offspring with your fort-building skills. They’ll be shocked that you didn’t even need an app for that. Feel like you’ve lost your sheet-and-chair architectural chops? No worries, here are some fantastic refreshers.

Out Of This World Fun - DIY Star Projector!

Okay, this one is so awesome we’re considering having a template for every constellation! If you have a flashlight, some foil, cardboard, and tape you’re well on your way to a starry, starry night. Go here to find simple, step-by-step instructions. 

Make Learning Fun With Online Coding For Kids

Who says learning a life skill can’t be fun? For a generation of kids that speak and live tech like it's second nature, coding certainly can be fun. CodaKid has some great resources to get kids of all ages started with coding. Who knows, if your family ends up having to spend a couple of weeks at home, your kiddo might just have time to start becoming the next tech mogul!

Keep The Bored Birds Away With Board Games

They may be low-tech but those old school board games can keep kids busy for hours. Have a bunch of games at home and want to avoid squabbles over who gets to pick which one to play? Make a game out of choosing the game. Draw straws or write the names of the games on slips of paper and pick them in the same way we suggested above for the movie marathon.

Turn Up The Fun On Storytime

With the littlest of your littles storytime alone may be enough to keep them happy. But what about the bigger folk? Don’t let them tell you books are boring! Make reading even more fun by having them read a book you’ve already read… then play a quiz game with prizes. The more times they win, the more they’ll want to read. Or really, the more they’ll just be thrilled to beat you.

Open A Box Of Innovation

From STEAM to tinkering, music to motor skills, KiwiCo delivers exploration for kids from 0 to 104. These boxes of awesome really are for everyone. Kids and kids-at-heart can do everything from building their own musical instruments to experimenting with science, creating unique works of art to learning about geography and culture. 

A KiwiCo box can give your kids endless hours of educational fun. Or it can be something you all do together as a family. 

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

If your family ends up stuck at home, you can still go for a walk… down memory lane. Pull out your wedding photos, baby books, or even those dusty old yearbooks. Kids love to hear stories about their families before they became the center of it all.

Get Cooking!

With shows like Food Network’s "Top Chef Jr," we know there are tons of future Micheline Star chefs-in-the-making out there. Cooking is an excellent creative outlet. Encourage your kids to join you in the kitchen to make up some tasty fun.

Here is a great resource for kid-friendly recipes.

Experiment Together

One of the greatest things about science is that it can be just plain FUN! Who didn’t love building that baking soda volcano as a kid? Even when it didn’t erupt the way you expected it to, it was still a blast. There are tons of easy, awesome, and even not-so-messy ways to experiment with science together. The website Mommy Poppins has a bunch of ideas that use mostly things you find around the house.

Explore Some More With More With Science

Our bees are in trouble. Create some buzz by exploring the world of bees and finding ways to help them thrive with an exploration kit from Club SciKidz. Not quite into the bumble? Try exploring the world of tiny things with SciKidz' Microscopic World box. It comes with a 14-page activity manual that is sure to keep the kids busy and having a blast while they learn. Subscription boxes from SciKidz come with the fun built in. Get a 15% discount with you use code: CLUB20. 


Have ideas for other ways to take advantage of extra family time indoors? Show us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #WhereKidsPlay. We might just add you to this list! 

Whatever comes in the days ahead, know that we're thinking of you. Stay safe and healthy out there CertifiKID families and try to have some fun too! 


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