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6 Reasons Why a Pandemic is a Great Time to Sign Your Kids Up for Music Lessons


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Quarantining, homeschooling, social distancing … life has changed overnight. No more carpools, practice, after-school activities, play dates or visits to your favorite jumpy spot. Our once busy schedules have slowed leaving us wondering how to maintain some semblance of normalcy in a Covid-19 world. With our axis slightly tilted, there’s time to rethink our kids' activities and which virtual classes will provide them the most benefit in this new normal. We're convinced there's no better time than now to start music lessons, and here’s why (plus, how you can sign up for virtual classes):  

  1. Soothes the Soul - In this time of uncertainty, music can be an expression of joy for your child. With the isolating feeling of quarantine, many kids may experience increased stress and anxiety. Music brings movement and excitement and has been known to provide healing therapy helping to elevate mood, induce calm feelings and boost their overall well-being.
  2. Helps to Improve Math Skills – Now that parents are homeschooling, any help in this daunting subject (looking at you, Common Core Math!) is welcome. Music lessons have undoubtedly been shown to help with math skills. Playing an instrument is a memory exercise that helps to develop short and long-term memory. Understanding harmonies, tones, patterns, rhythm and beat teaches children counting, division, fractions and ratios and other math concepts.
  3. Feeds the Curious Mind – Quarantine (and boredom) have probably led to epic karaoke sing-alongs and homemade instruments. Your child may be showing an interest in music. Why not feed that passion with lessons where they can develop their own unique style and voice through a variety of instruments.
  4. Builds Self-Esteem/Confidence – Individual lessons offer a platform for constructive criticism and praise that teaches children how to embrace the feedback to better themselves and boost self-esteem. Learning to play in front of peers and public audiences is also a critical skill that helps to manage nerves and builds confidence.
  5. Promotes Focus & Self-Discipline – Stay at-home orders have thrown timelines out of the window. Music lessons promote concentration and practice routines that encourage focus, discipline and time management. All essential learning how to “unplug” from technology and prioritizing responsibilities.
  6. FUN! – The single best reason to enroll your child in music lessons. It's a lifelong skill they will cherish forever.

Need more reasons to get started? Don’t let social distancing be your excuse. Music & Arts has got you covered with private online lessons in the safety of your home. The Lesson Studio at Music & Arts is the #1 provider of music lessons and trusted by educators and parents nationwide. You can expect the best in:

  • Customized instruction from their expert, background checked instructors.
  • Live, weekly one-on-one interactive lessons with expert instructors.
  • A personalized, secure link for your online lesson – which is recorded for safety.
  • Curbside pick-up of instruments is available for those needing them. Check out this list of available instruments.

It seems that at least for the rest of spring, much of our time will be spent indoors with our families. All that quality time may give way to new discoveries. Our kids will want to explore new hobbies and interests and we will want to give them the best opportunities to develop lifelong skills. So, yes, right now is the right time to sign them up for music lessons and Music & Arts will be there to help guide them on their musical journey.


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