About CertifiKid Gift Cards

What are CertifiKID Gift Cards? 
Whether it's finding that perfect something for a special someone at the holidays or trying to be sure you don’t grab the same toy for the next birthday party, gift giving can be tough. What if you could save time, money and still give an original, thoughtful and memorable gift? Well then the CertifiKID Gift Card is for you!

CertifiKID Gift Cards provide credit towards purchases on www.certifikid.com. The card recipient can use the credit towards the purchase of any of our currently featured deals. When you purchase a gift card, you can print out the gift card yourself, or you can have the card directly emailed to the gift recipient. You can set your own amount (in dollars only, please). The best part is, the gift card does not expire, so there's no pressure to purchase something right away. Gift cards are available for print instantly after purchase. You cannot use CertifiKID credit to purchase a gift card.

From outings to adventures, games to toys, clothes to sweet treats - the deal options with CertifiKID are endless and easy to give with the CertifiKID Gift Card!  

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