$69 for Michael Phelps Swim School 6-Week Swim Lessons at Merritt Athletic Clubs - Canton, Eldersburg or Towson (30% off)
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Did you sit glued to your seat (or out of it jumping and screaming) watching Maryland’s own Michael Phelps amass an epic 8 gold medals in the 2008 Games? Well you weren’t alone. We were right there with you!  And we too were wondering if the man was part fish.

Fast forward to 2011 and imagine having the chance for your own child to take a six-week session of group swim lessons at the Merritt Athletic Club's Michael Phelps Swim School. Add to that an amazing CertifiKID discount, and you’ll feel like you won the gold!

Information & Restrictions

Deal includes one (1) six-week session of group swim lessons at any of the following Merritt Athletic Clubs:

  • Canton - 3401 Boston Street 21224.  Click here for Canton session dates and times.
  • Eldersburg - 1388 Progress Way 21784.  Click here for Eldersburg session dates and times.
  • Towson - 8757 Mylander Lane 21286.  Click here for Towson session dates and times.        

Enrollment is for six weeks.  One class per week.

Please select Merritt Club Location at the time of purchase.

Limit one CertifiKID Certificate for each child in family.

Expires in one year from deal date.

Subject to availability.

Swim Levels

  • Get Wet - Ages 6 mos - 3 years - Parent and Child.  Very individualized instruction.
  • Pre-Beginner - Ages 3-4 years - Introduction to basic water skills.
  • Beginner - Ages 3-5 years - Participants must be comfortable in water and be able to completely submerge.
  • Advanced Beginner - Ages 4-6 years - Participants can swim unaided and demonstrate rotary breathing.  Comfortable in deep water.
  • Intermediate - Ages 6 and older - Can swim at least 25 yards unaided.  Able to demonstrate good rotary breathing with freestyle.  Able to demonstrate a competent backstroke.

To Redeem

Email [email protected] and include:

1)    Your name, address, phone number, email address.

2)    Your child(ren)’s names, ages and swim levels.

3)    The dates and times you would like swim lessons (schedules are above).

4)    Your CertifiKID code(s).

This offer is only available for purchase through CertifiKID (www.certifikid.com). If you experience any issues or difficulties with registering or purchasing, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.

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