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Why We Love Minted - and a $250 Giveaway too!

Every now and then there are moments here at CertifiKid when the whole team gets excited about something. Maybe even overly excited. Like the day Beth found out that our area was a test market for Starbucks delivery (Mind. Blown.) Then, there was the day that Barbara introduced us to Minted. It went something like this…

“I'm coveting those holiday postcards this season. What a unique spin on the traditional flat cards everyone sends. Did you see how affordable they are? Standing out of the crowd AND getting a deal ... WIN WIN!!” ~Amie



So, naturally we all had to go and check those out. There may have been squeals of delight involved at this point.

If you’re on Nila’s gift list - spoiler alert - you may be getting a framed heart-shaped snapshot collage. We know Lara’s little letter-writing nine year old daughter is going to love the personalized kid stationery she’ll find under the tree in the Minted embossed white giftbox. Let’s just say that it might be a very ‘Minted’ holiday at Team CertifiKid this year.


Leave it to Jamie to come up with one of the most unique ideas, though. After fifty years in one place, her in-laws are selling their house and moving onto the next chapter. There was a little melancholy in thinking about leaving behind the memories made there, the notches on the wall that marked every growth spurt, family photos taken on the porch, Brian’s backyard adventures as a kid. So she thought a custom line-drawing, made from a photo of the family home, letter pressed and framed, would be a great way they could take those memories with them.

Not many of us stay in one place that long anymore. Imagine being able to fill the walls of each place you call home with artwork that reminds you of where you came from? How brilliant is that?


We want you to have the chance to get overly excited about Minted too. The artisan designed table linens, or the hand-crafted custom map art might do that. Ah, but a chance to win a $250 Minted shopping spree… yeah, that’ll do it.



And hey, if you do win we’re pretty sure you’ll know what to get us. We kind of just gave ya a list, huh? 

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