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CertifiKid Field Report: Bevy Photo Sharing & Storage

Sharing photos with family and friends has gotten a lot easier with the advent of social media. But, what if you want to share with Great Aunt Milly who isn’t into this newfangled interwebs thing, or would rather not put those photos online where they’ll be there quite possibly forever? Is there a way to share without putting it all ‘out there’?

CertifiKid Team Member, Nikki, went on a quest to answer that question and found Bevy. An ingenious idea developed by Lineage Labs, Bevy is a photo sharing device that puts you in control of the sharing. Here is what Nikki's CertifiKid Field Report...

What Makes It Unique?

With one switch on the Bevy app you can turn on or off guest access to your photos. I love that it allows me to move thousands of photos from my phone and laptop to the Bevy for storage, freeing up much needed space on my phone for important things like Candy Crush and toddler approved apps.  

Is It Easy to Use?

It's been incredibly intuitive to set up, which is something I look for in tech - a busy parent doesn’t have time to read a 50 page user’s manual. I literally just plugged Bevy into my router, opened the app on my phone, and entered my information. Done!

When I went to visit my parents on Thanksgiving I simply scrolled through the Bevy to show pictures of the boys. No more scrolling past awkward selfies or other random photos to show the boys at a pumpkin patch. I adore the fact that I get to pick which photos go on the device.

After the sharing and pie were done, I set some of my family members up on Bevy. All they have to do now is open up the app and see the new photos I’ve uploaded - as long as they’re on WiFi.


Any Hiccups?

I did run into trouble when I accidentally unplugged the Bevy at home and we couldn’t access the photos, but in a way that made me feel more secure that my pictures weren't just floating out there for anyone to access. All in all my entire experience has really been incredibly positive.

Bevy is Great For…  




College Students (share with mom and dad, they’re paying your tuition!)



If you’d like to start using Bevy to store and share you priceless pics, save $50 with this offer.

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