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CertifiKid Field Report: SmartyPants Vitamins

Confession time! We make sure our kids take their vitamins every day, but we aren’t so good about doing that ourselves. Then along came the adult gummy vitamin!

Barbara and her family recently tried out a vitamin called SmartyPants (how cute is that name?!). She and her husband, as well as their six- and eight-year-old children, submitted the following Field Report.

Why Did You Want to Try SmartyPants?

The name got me giggling and I thought I’d give them a try. Plus, the pediatrician suggested that there are better vitamins on the market than the ones I am currently giving my children.

Who in Your Family Took Them?

We ALL gave it a go. My husband, both kids and I.

What Did You/They Think?

You’ve got two types of gummies to choose from with SmartyPants. One has a coating on it that reminded me of a gumdrop. That one the kids seemed to enjoy most, maybe because it was “sparkly.” Kids and shiny objects, eh? They both have a slight fruity flavor but aren’t as sweet as candy, which is a good thing.

The texture isn’t too rubbery and they go down pretty easy. Certainly far easier than a big ol’ horse-pill vitamin or a powdery solid chewable.

What was Your/Their Favorite Feature?

Naturally, the kids liked that they were gummies--because gummies are fun-- and that they tasted good. I felt great about the fact that SmartyPants uses environmentally safe sources for the Omega 3s DHA & EPA supplements, which are so important. Plus, getting that energy boosting B12 in there is a busy-parent bonus!

I’d been taking a “one-a-day” vitamins most days, thinking that I was getting everything I needed. Then I’d take a fiber supplement and extra calcium. As it turns out, SmartyPants is the only premium multi-vitamin out there that gives you four of the key supplements you need in one little yummy gummy. Depending on which one you chose, that can include the fiber and calcium! So no extra bottles and pills to swallow.

Was there Something About SmartyPants You’d Say Could be Improved?  

While having a tasty gummy as opposed to swallowing two to three pills a day was a nice change, the daily adult dose of SmartyPants is six gummies. Don’t get me wrong; I liked the taste and texture, but taking six was a little bit much. It would be nice if they could make the adult dose less.

My six-year-old also wished the gummy was in a shape of an animal like her old ones, but if that is the worst complaint, I think we are good!

Who Would You Recommend SmartyPants for?

Besides my whole family? We loved them! I also have a friend with a child that has lots of food allergies. She watched their short video on how SmartyPants is allergy-friendly. I was excited to see her little one loved them as much as my kids did.


Any children with known fish allergies should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before taking SmartyPants vitamins as they do contain Omega 3 powder derived from small fish (though SmartyPants does not contain the more allergenic fish protein).The SmartyPants website reports that the vitamins and minerals in their product are not known to be allergenic.

When I look back on the days before we took SmartyPants for a test-drive, it seems sort of silly that I ever forgot to take my vitamins. It really is a simple thing that can do so much for us, keeping our parent-energy levels up and helping us stay healthy for our families and ourselves. If you’d like to give SmartyPants a try, here is a list of where you can find them online and in stores.

~Barbara (CertifiKid Team Member from Atlanta who always takes her vitamins … now, that is!)

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