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CertifiKid Field Report: Kinsa Smart Thermometer

When you were a kid, did your mom have to keep the household thermometer under tight security? Mine did. Depending on how old you are (and, I’m not revealing anything here) those thermometers could have contained actual Mercury. Really!

The upside? My mom always knew where the thermometer was. That’s not quite the case with the digital one I have. I can never find the darn thing when I need it. I’ve bought so many just because I couldn’t find the last one! In my defense it’s not like you use one everyday, like a cell phone.

When we ran the deal with Kinsa - the smartphone thermometer- I had to buy it and give it a try. (yes, we buy our own deals!) At the very least I’d always know where my iPhone was.


First off, setting the Kinsa up is super easy. I downloaded the app, entered some info, plugged in the attachment and it was ready to go. Two days after I did that one of my kids was conscientious enough to get sick so I could use my fancy new Kinsa. Such nice kids I have.

My daughter has never been a fan of having her temperature taken but getting to “pop” bubbles on my iPhone while she waited turned it into a game. Seeing your child happy even for a minute while they’re sick is a total win in my book.


Once you record their temp the app gives you the option to click on other symptoms they have. That feature is really great in the event that you have to make a trip to pediatrician. Nothing to remember, no notes to write and then lose, no nurse shaking their head at you because you can’t recall whether they had the chills or not.

As kids never seem to get sick alone - inevitably just as soon as one is feeling better the other one starts to run a fever-- the fact that the Kinsa app lets you record information for more than one person is a big plus in my book.  

When you get back home you can use the app to continue recording symptoms, temps and dosages. All great things to have on hand when the doctor calls to check on your munchkin’s progress.

Getting all that in an easy to use package at a great price is like the first time you can taste food again after a cold…. simply, awesome.

Now let’s hope I don’t lose the thermometer attachment.

Jamie (CertifiKid Founder and CEO)

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