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CertifiKid Field Report: Cardpool

Gift cards, we all get them and buy them. What’s not to love? You don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out what someone else might want, just give them a gift card and let them go get it. What happens when you find yourself the owner of a gift card for a store you’ll never set foot (or cursor) in? Team CertifiKid’s Barbara sets out to answer this question for us.

Barbara: “Use Cardpool.” (drops mic, exits stage left)

Us: “Um, Cardpool? What’s that, Barbara? Do tell.”

Barbara: “Okay, put simply it’s the best thing since… well… gift cards.”

CertifKid Field Notes: Barbara on Cardpool

I got some gift cards during the holidays. Most of them were awesome, the perfect gift. A few were for places where I don’t shop. Though the sentiment was wonderful, the thought of that money just wasting away wasn’t. That’s where Cardpool’s selling feature comes in.

I can sell those cards through them. No, I won’t be getting the full value, but Cardpool does cover most of it. And since I wasn’t going to use them anyway, it’s not like I’d be losing much.

Selling on Cardpool will be newer to me. Typically I use Cardpool for buying gift cards. You can’t beat instantly saving money on gift cards - it is like free money.  Talk about a no-brainer!

Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Target … oh, my! I buy those all the time. When I add coupons in the store to gift cards I’ve purchased at a discount through Cardpool, the savings really add up.

The service is really easy to use. It has to be because I don’t have time to figure out some complicated system. There is too much I have to get done in my 27 hour day - moms always need more hours.  There is even a wishlist feature that emails me when a card I’ve been looking for becomes available.  

Sometimes, availability of the cards I want was really the only issue. It seems like the stores I shop at are really popular. My advice --if you want it and it’s available get it right away!


Tip: Like Starbucks? Buy a discounted gift card at Cardpool and load it to your Starbucks loyalty card. Earn your rewards faster and spend less money doing it. Hello FREE coffee!

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