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May The 4th Be With You!

Just For Fun

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Shark Week, Two Different Colored Shoes Day (yup, actually a thing) it seems there is a day to celebrate just about any kooky, crazy, yummy thing you'd ever want to. So it sort of makes perfect sense that Star Wars gets it's own day too, right? Plus how fun is it to say, "May the 4th Be With You"? Go ahead, say it again. Fun, huh?

Long ago (1979) in place far, far away (somewhere in the UK) an ad was taken out in celebration of Margaret Thatcher's successful campaign to become the first female Prime Minister of England. It read something along the lines of, "May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations." Turns out it was actually May the 4th and whomever the marketing genius behind the ad was, was a big fan of Star Wars.

That cheeky turn of phrase lives on to this day giving millions of Star Wars fans a reason to celebrate. Pleased with this, Yoda would be.

Any number of places tied to the fandom mark the day with special events, readings, screenings of the entire film series (yes, even Phantom Menace. Wesa think that one not so good) and sales. Legions more bring the celebration home with parties and all sorts of fun. We've set out upon a quest to find some of the coolest May the 4th celebrations and commemorations out there.

Dogs reenact iconic scenes Star Wars in this side-splitting-ly hilarious slide show featured on Parade.com.

This entire party was inspired by Star Wars and created by the talented (and oh so funny) Eve at Geek Chic HQ is packed with fun and tasty ideas. How about turning your everyday gingerbread man into a Wookie Cookie?

Photo Credit: Geek Chic HQ

How cute and easy are these paper bag Yoda puppets we found on A Grand Life? Make them and have a 'Yoda-Off', see who can come up with the best Yoda-speak silliness, you shall. Pop over to get directions on how to make this one.

Photo Credit: A Grand Life

Though we won't be getting the Rebel Alliance tattoo the suggest any time soon (the Vader one will have to do, for now) the idea of donating extra or unwanted Star Wars toys is one of our favorite ideas on this list of the Top 10 Ways to Celebrate May the 4th.

If you're going to hold a marathon screening of the Star Wars movies, cocktails are in order. Drink Lab has rounded up the galaxy's best grown-up libations. The Dark Side is calling...

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