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Welcome to the Certifikid Blog!

Greetings Certifikid Members!  Welcome to the new Certifikid blog - part of our exciting website revamp.  As many of you know, what preceded Certifikid was a daily blog that I wrote for a loyal following for several years on deals and finds in the Greater Washington area.  Between launching Certifikid and chasing my 1 and 3 year old kids, I simply didn't have the time to keep blogging.  Though I have been missing it terribly and now that Certifikid has been running strong, I wanted to bring this passion and excitement back while personalizing the Certifikid experience even more.  This blog will give you an insider's look at the Certifikid team, our deals, our businesses, our subscribers, and what's happening locally. I am jumping at the bit to start blogging and sharing and it starts now!

I want to start by thanking you - the thousands and thousands of parents and families that have been loyal followers and members - and the scores of businesses who took a leap of faith with us and have featured fantastic deals on our site for the benefit of our members.  It is you who have made Certifikid a success and drive us to reach further. 

I have to thank my amazing family for all their support and efforts, from my husband (and partner in this endeavor) who surprisingly believed in this dream and got behind it from day one (making us one of, if not the first, family focused daily deal site) (trust me - I've had about 100 business ideas he did not get behind!), to my father who works tirelessly as our CFO, to my mom who works the school circuit, to my sister who Facebooks about my deals to the world, to my brother-in-law who helps with the tech stuff, and to my mother-in-law who is our deal editor.  I also want to send a shout out to our outstanding and growing group of Certifikid team members (from those who focus on deals to legal to PR to social media to IT) and partners who believed in us and whose ongoing contributions have been invaluable - you know who you are! 

We have had a blast exploring and featuring all that local families want and need in the Greater Washington area and I can't wait to share even more ideas and insights through this blog.  So please follow us through the Certifikid blog as we head past the beltway to Baltimore and beyond! 

All the best,


p.s. And you'll be happy to know that I promised my husband I would use spell check on my blog entries!


CertifiKID was founded by a mom with a passion for helping parents provide the best experiences for their children on a budget. From outings to adventures, classes to camps, theater to sporting events, amusement parks to getaways, CertifiKID provides the best family-friendly experiences at unbeatable prices. Sign up for family-friendly deals in your area and start saving!