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Real Mom Review: Tiny Estates

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My 9-year-old daughter, Ryan, is obsessed with the tiny houses featured on HGTV, so when a CertifiKID deal for Tiny Estates popped up, I grabbed it!

Located in Elizabethtown, PA, Tiny Estates is an easy 2 1/2-hour drive from the Northern Virginia area. I wanted the getaway location to be a surprise, so I didn't tell the kids (Ryan, 9 and big brother Henry, 11) where we were going. They literally screamed in delight when we pulled up! We entered the front office, a tiny house itself, and promptly got checked into our own house, the Prairie Drifter. We selected this particular house because it is pet-friendly, though we ended up leaving our dogs behind.

Tiny Estates

The kids each raced up to claim their lofts and then wanted to chill out in their tiny spaces.

Tiny Estates

The house was equipped with everything you'd need for a short stay, a small but full bath with a quarter round shaped shower; kitchen with fridge/freezer combo, induction range top, microwave, and coffee maker; two lofts and a queen bed on the main floor. The kitchen was outfitted with cooking and serving ware, so you can prepare and eat some simple meals. These houses are cleverly designed, making use of every and any available space.

Tiny Estates

The complex is laid out along a path surrounding a pond, fully stocked with fish if anyone wants to cast a line. There are a couple of common areas with comfy seating, old fashioned games, fire pits, and even hot tubs. 

Tiny Estates

Tiny Estates

Tiny Estates

You can schedule a tour to check out the different tiny homes, ranging from modern to farmhouse style. The tiniest is only about 220 square feet! I highly recommend checking out the different houses. They are all clean and delightful.

Tiny Estates

The "office" is equipped with some sundries like snacks, card games, and s'mores sticks if you want to take advantage of the fire pits. The staff was super helpful in helping me select the house ahead of time, as well as providing maps and some ideas on what to do in the area. I think the ideal length of stay for us would have been 2-3 nights (versus our 1 night), so we could enjoy the digs and the surrounding areas a little more.

Tiny Estates

A must do when you're there is The Turkey Hill Experience, about 15-minutes away, where you learn all about the company's ice cream business from milking a fake cow, to learning about good and bad bacteria, to packaging. You can take a class and create your own ice cream. Best of all, it's as much ice cream as you can eat of the many flavors being served that day!

The Turkey Hill Experience Near Tiny Estates

Downtown Lancaster is about 30 minutes from Tiny Estates, where there's a decent variety of restaurants and small businesses. We ate at Annie Bailey's, an Irish establishment with a broad menu and fun outdoor dining area. We topped it off with dessert at Penny's, a delicious ice creamery (because we hadn't had enough ice cream).

Penny's Lancaster Near Tiny Estates

The Amish Village is also about 30 minutes away. That's a must do on our next visit. I say "next visit" because we are already planning one! My daughter wants to hold her 10th birthday party at Tiny Estates. I'm considering taking my Girl Scout Troop there as well!

The Tiny Estates experience is great for anyone ages 3-90 who wants a peek at a minimalist style of living. It's quaint and fun, and several families can go and stay in multiple homes to make a group mini-vacay out of it.

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