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Treat Yourself: 11 Awesome Places to get MORE Than Ice Cream in Washington, DC and Baltimore

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Photo: Rolled Ice Cream by Jordsrsly via Flickr Photo: Rolled Ice Cream by Jordsrsly via Flickr

Fellow parents, the dog days of summer are upon us. Team CertifiKid to the rescue! We’ve scoured the city and combed the suburbs in search of the coolest treats guaranteed to help beat the heat.

Shaved Ice or Shave Ice?

Either way, we’re in! Icy treats like the iconic SnoBall are what make summer awesome. Where you can easily get ice cream any time of year, these… not-so-much. So get out and enjoy the best of them!

Hula Honey's Hawaiian Shave Ice
Hula Honey's. Photo Credit: Lara DiPaola

Hula Honey’s Hawaiian Shave Ice | Food Truck, Baltimore Area
If you’re going to spend your time trying to find one truck this summer, this is it. Hula Honey’s is a traditional Hawaiian Shave (not shaved) Ice truck serving up both your traditional flavors and great organic options. Run by a Hawaiian transplant to Baltimore, this cute retro truck gives you the feel of a roadside shack on the big island, even on the corner of Charles Street. Check their Facebook page to view their schedule.

Korean Shaved Ice 
A truly different experience, that is what you’ll get with Bingsoo or Korean Shaved Ice. This where the snoball you remember as a kid goes international. Fresh fruit toppings and exotic syrups take center stage atop finely shaved ice. There are several places to find Bingsoo around town. Shilla Bakery has locations in Tysons Corner, Annandale, Ellicott City, Westfield Montgomery and more.

Photo: Snocream

A Taiwanese-inspired twist on traditional ice cream that is not only lovely, it’s tasty too. No, it isn’t like the stuff you made outside as a kid in the winter of ‘86. It’s more of a hybrid between shaved ice and ice cream that makes it light, fluffy and truly unique. The SnoCream Company in Annandale, VA serves up some of the best in the area.

The Scoop on Flavor

Tired of the boring old banana split? Have simple sprinkles lost their luster? Then maybe it is time you shake things up. Ice cream artisans all over are offering up flavors that wake up your taste buds and have you screaming for more. These are not your Nana’s 31 flavors!

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream | Washington, DC
How to describe Jeni’s… well… it is... simply splendid. One stop at Jeni’s 14th Street scoop shop and you’ll understand what we mean. Peach Buttermilk is bliss, yes, yes it is. Go for the Goat Cheese and Cherry. The kids will be over the moon for Supermoon. Jeni’s is a mosaic of mashed up flavors that pair splendiferously.

Ice Cream Jubilee | Washington, DC (2 locations)
Ice Cream Jubilee is a celebration for your mouth that starts with some locally farmed ingredients. Made in small batches from milk that only travels 50 miles to get to the scoop shop, the unique flavors featured at Jubilee are great for kids and kids at heart. Inspired by the globetrotting of owner, Victoria, you can take your taste buds on a trip to the islands with their Passion Fruit Guava sorbet or venture to Thailand with their Thai Iced Tea. The kids will love keeping it local with a scoop of Nats Red Velvet Cake - go team!

Little Baby's Ice Cream
Little Baby's Ice Cream. Photo Credit: Lara DiPaola

Little Baby’s Ice Cream | Washington, DC & Baltimore Locations
Yes, that Little Baby’s Ice Cream. The one from the viral (and super-strange) videos. Baltimore's creative culinary collective, R House, is home to a tiny annex of this epic creamery. Chai Spiced Snickerdoodle and Cardamom ice cream sandwiches? Yes, please! Kid’s classics like Ants on a Log and Chocolate Chocolate Cookie Dough often make it into the rotation on the ever-changing, creative menu here that includes dairy too! Tip: If Dill Pickle is available, have it. Seriously!

Is it Gelato or Ice Cream?

Wait, aren’t ice cream and gelato basically the same thing? Nope. We asked the gelato ambassador to the United States. Yes, that’s a thing! And it just so happens that he lives right here in our neighborhood.

Dolci Gelati | Washington, DC & Takoma Park, MD
Gianluigi Dellaccio has made gelato for the Pope, is an internationally recognized champion of the confection and the first ever gelato ambassador to the United States. He also serves as both chef and president at Dolci Gelati. Stop in at one of their three local locations and you’ll learn first hand that gelato is not ice cream and that you need it in your life.

Try Something NEW! 

Subzero | Columbia, MD
Science in a cone is being served up at Subzero in Columbia where they’re making ice cream with nitrogen! You can get the kids their treat and talk about altered states of matter and the same time.

Lightbulb Tea at 520 Ice Cream and Tea
Light Bulb Tea. Photo Credit: 520 Ice Cream and Tea

520 Ice Cream and Tea | Viginia & Maryland Locations
Come for the ice cream that looks like flowers because it’s rolled up! Stay for some Instagram awesome in the form of teas inside LIGHT BULBS!

Get Fancy

Sometimes you want something a little more refined than a cup or cone. Elevate your taste buds with some fancy sweet treats.

Le Diplomate Washington, DC
Le Diplomate. Photo Credit: Lara DiPaola

Le Diplomate | Washington, DC
Escape the suburbs and head to a cute little cafe in France. Wait, that doesn’t happen for parents. The next best thing might just be a stop at Le Diplomate for banana ice cream filled profiteroles drizzled in chocolate ganache. Finish that off with some Vietnamese coffee … for you, not the kids. Tip: This sweet escape is far more kid-friendly if you find a spot at one of their outdoor tables. 

The Cakeroom
The Cakeroom. Photo Credit: Lara DiPaola

The Cakeroom | Washington, DC
Let them eat cake! And, you have some too. This tiny DC bakery is both adorable and filled with classic treats nestled alongside some very fancy flavors. Staples of the baked goods we all love, things like; chocolate chip cookies, brownies and red velvet cupcakes share center stage here with more grown-up tastes, too. The Lavender and Lemon Cupcake is both refined and devine! 

We hope you’ll get out and enjoy the sweetness of being together. Trust us, even the dog days of summer go by fast when you’re growing humans. Keep up the good work, friends. 

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