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Kids Summer Fun Writing Contest With Crayola: WINNERS!

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We asked our youngest CertifiKID fans to tell us about an exciting adventure they had this summer for their chance to win a Crayola Prize Package valued at up to $200. From family road trips and camping adventures to water parks and amusement parks to encounters with snakes and bears - oh my! - we had so much fun reading through all of your entries. What fun summers you all had! 

Here are our winners and their stories. Enjoy!

Grand Prize Winner: Anna M. (Age 11) from Glen Burnie, MD

Kids Summer Fun Writing Contest

This summer I went camping and had the best time. I went with my brother, my mommy, and Matt and my favorite part was going water tubing. My brother fell off his tube in the beginning and couldn’t get back on his tube so he just had to hold on to it. That was hilarious! My favorite part of actual camping was fishing! We didn’t catch anything but we did see someone catch a huge catfish. Then we walked further down the river and got in! We walked down even further and saw some crayfish. I stayed away from those. I liked to roast chicken nuggets over the fire like marshmallows. In the campsite next to ours the people had a friendly dog named Sampson. There was also another dog a few sites down named Sebastian. On the last day my brother and Matt put coins on the nearby train tracks. The coins looked so cool! At night, the train was really loud but we got used to it. Camping was really fun and I hope to do it again.


Hannah B. (Age 10) from Springfield, PA

Kids Summer Fun Writing Contest

This summer I traveled from Pennsylvania to California on a plane with my Mom, Dad and brother. We went on vacation to Sequoia National Park. The trees in the park were so huge! The Sequoia trees are thousands of years old and giant. I am ten years old, but I felt like a tiny ant compared to the trees that towered high above our heads. I never thought that seeing trees could be this cool and amazing. I loved hiking next to the Sequoia trees. We were all laughing and arguing about which tree had the biggest trunk. They are all so big that it is hard to tell which one is the biggest. When we hiked we found a Sequoia pine cone and it was smaller than an egg. I was surprised that it was so tiny and can grow something so gigantic. My mom, brother and I tried to wrap our arms around one of the tree trunks, but we didn’t even make it halfway around! I’ll never ever forget my special trip to Sequoia National Park with my family.

Eden P. (Age 7) from Ashburn, VA

Summer Fun Writing Contest

On my summer adventure I went to Vermont to see my Grandparents. They live on a fruit and vegetable farm. I drove their golf cart and made some money. I got to see my cousin and Uncle. Me and my cousin had a sleepover. We stayed up really late and woke up early. I also went kayaking and caught some fish. My grandparents live across from this store named Dakin Farm. My Mom has a friend that works there so we gave her some strawberries. I saw a gray fox, it was a baby and it’s mom was not with it. A couple days later I saw the fox's mother. She was beautiful like a flower. That was my summer adventure.

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest! 

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