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Group Snack Guide for Teams, Classrooms & Scouts

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When it’s your turn to bring the snacks, stress less and smile more! Snack success is within reach with SignUp.com's free Group Snack Guide eBook filled with easy and healthy ideas that are sure to wow kids of all ages! Also, check out their helpful tips below for when it’s your turn to be the celebrated snack parent.

SignUp.com Group Snack Guide eBook

Start Planning Early. Purchase shelf-stable snacks at the beginning of the season and wait for your turn - sports drinks and granola bars keep in your pantry, then you can pick up fresh fruit the night before your assigned game, meeting or event. Win!

Ask About Food Allergies. Nut-free is the norm these days when it comes to shared snacks in a group setting, but also make sure you’re aware of other food allergies and dietary restrictions. Your group may have rules about food labeling and bringing an alternative snack so every child can be included during snack time.

Volunteer to Organize the Snack Schedule. Don’t be caught empty handed when it’s your turn to bring the snack -- volunteer to organize the parents instead. Set up an online signup sheet using SignUp.com’s free snack scheduler – team/classroom parents can sign up and check their commitment anytime from their smartphone. Automated reminders mean no kids go hungry!

Bring Extra Supplies for Cleanup. It’s finally your week to deliver on the promise of an amazing delicious snack for the team. Don’t forget to bring an extra roll of paper towels and wet wipes for cleaning up. We all know kids and snacks can be a messy proposition especially when on the go. Be the plan-ahead parent that has all of your bases covered.

Think Healthy. With late pick-up schedules and delayed dinners, kids are inevitably starving after school. Avoid sugar-filled empty calories and make healthy choices. If you need inspiration, get fresh ideas from the Ultimate Group Snack Guide eBook.

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