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Checklist for Your Child's Parent-Teacher Conference

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Getting the Most Out of Your Teacher Meeting

Now that your family has the school routine down, cue your fall parent-teacher conference. Attending your parent conference is important to everyone - you’ll learn about your child’s strengths as a student and classmate and you’ll begin developing a positive relationship with the teacher. Cultivating meaningful lines of communication now means you’ll find it easier to ask questions, share concerns and learn new ways to support and encourage learning throughout the school year!

Teachers put in a great deal of effort in organizing students’ conference materials and typically will have a very full appointment schedule, sometimes just 10-15-minutes per family. Make the most of your parent conference this year! You’ll shine with the Parent-Teacher Conference Checklist by demonstrating your preparedness to make the conference most effective for both you AND the teacher!  

Printable Checklist:

Parent Teacher Conference Checklist Printable

Before the conference -  Ask your child what she/he loves about school this year and what, if anything, is concerning. Let your child know you’re excited to meet the teacher and to learn how you can best support a positive school year.

On Conference Day - Plan for extra time to find parking and clear school security, silence your phone and bring your checklist of prepared questions. Listen with an open mind and be patient; your child’s teacher is used to talking to children and may be a bit nervous about parent meetings.

After the Conference - Share what you learned with your child, keeping it positive and reviewing any ideas for making the school year more memorable and successful. Follow-up with the teacher too, possibly scheduling a future meeting to dive deeper on details and planning.

Parent-Teacher conference scheduling can be easy! SignUp.com offers free, online Parent-Teacher Conference SignUps that sync with busy parents’ eCalendars and can be accessed from any device at any time!


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