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6 Must-Have Apps for Busy Parents

Just For Fun Parenting

You live an on-the-go lifestyle, skipping from soccer practice to dance class to the grocery store for healthy dinner supplies. Your phone is always along for the wild ride, so why not put it to use to lend you a hand managing the day and avoiding the madness? Check out these six must-have apps for busy parents.

From pets to parents to kids, Care.com has you covered with trusted caregivers ready to lend a hand. Go on that date, get the after-school tutoring needed to boost his grade in math, find a caregiver with a warm heart to help your mom. There’s no need to feel like you, as one person, can or has to do it all alone.

You realize you spent a fortune on new school clothes, linens for the guest room, an obligatory oil change and (oh yeah) that new cute sweater for the fall season. Never miss a good deal again with RetailMeNot. Get the goods, get a discount.

Remember the last time you offered to pitch in or plan a school event? It led to hundreds of emails and texts, missed volunteer opportunities and general confusion about the date and time. Not this year. SignUp.com is the easiest way to bring people together! Plan parties, classroom helpers, seasonal events, fundraisers, potlucks and more! Set up your event in less than 5 minutes, then let SignUp.com do the rest.


The 5 p.m. meltdown. The endless demands of the office. Feeding a family - three times a day. It all becomes too much when we don’t get a moment for ourselves. Treat yourself with a “timeout” (maybe in tandem with your misbehaving 4 year-old’s timeout), and dive into the Calm app. Relieve anxiety and stress, regain focus and get better sleep. Breathe in, breathe out.

Remember The Milk
It’s time to ditch disorganization! No longer will your purse be littered with to-do sticky notes or envelopes with today’s forget-me-nots with Remember The Milk. Build digital to-do lists you can tap into and tackle straight from your phone, tablet or computer.

Apps for Busy Parents SignUp.Com

Instacart/Your Local Grocery App
This list wouldn’t be complete without a grocery app included. In many neighborhoods, your favorite grocery chain and apps like Instacart are revolutionizing grocery shopping with free or low-fee delivery. Check with your favorite store to see what’s offered and get the family groceries ordered while you sit in the pick-up line and say...Hallelujah!


CertifiKID was founded by a mom with a passion for helping parents provide the best experiences for their children on a budget. From outings to adventures, classes to camps, theater to sporting events, amusement parks to getaways, CertifiKID provides the best family-friendly experiences at unbeatable prices. Sign up for family-friendly deals in your area and start saving!