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30 Easy Acts of Kindness for Kids

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While we should strive to be kind and do nice things for others every day of the year, February 17th provides a little extra nudge. It's Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Did you know that kindness benefits the giver as much as the receiver? It's true! Studies have shown that kindness is indeed the key to happiness and good health. Doing kind things for others improves your mood, reduces the effects of stress, increases energy levels, raises confidence and self-esteem, and even boosts your immunity. Pretty powerful stuff, eh?

Even better? Kindness is contagious, so the more good you do, the more others will be inspired to pay it forward. Even small acts of kindness can literally start a ripple effect of good deeds through a social network, group, school, neighborhood or community. 

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Check out our list of 30 simple things kids can do to be kind and pay it forward on Random Acts of Kindness Day and all throughout the year. 

  1. Compliment a classmate, friend, or stranger.
  2. Take out/in your neighbor's trash bin.
  3. Write encouraging notes on sticky notes and post them around your house, neighborhood or school.
  4. Leave coloring books and crayons in a hospital waiting room.
  5. Decorate kindness rocks and place them around your school playground or community for people to find.
  6. Give up your turn.
  7. Let someone else go before you in line.
  8. Do a chore around the house without being asked.
  9. Volunteer to help a sibling or friend with their chores.
  10. Hold a stuffed animal drive and donate what you collect to a hospital or fire department.
  11. Help a younger sibling with their homework.
  12. Read a book to younger sibling.
  13. Volunteer to play with or babysit a friend's or neighbor's kids so they can have a break.
  14. Rake leaves, pull weeds, or shovel snow for a neighbor.
  15. Visit and play with the animals at a pet shelter.
  16. Collect soda can tabs to donate to Ronald McDonald House for sick children and their families.
  17. Make bookmarks and leave them in books at your school or community library.
  18. Start a Little Free Library in your neighborhood or community.
  19. Leave a special treat on someone's doorstep or in their mailbox for them to find.
  20. Sit next to someone new at lunch or on the bus.
  21. Offer to take someone's garbage to the trash can in the school cafeteria or at a fast food restaurant.
  22. Choose an area that needs attention and organize a cleanup party to collect trash and debris.
  23. Offer to walk a neighbor's dog.
  24. Write a note to a current or former teacher to let them know how much you appreciate them.
  25. Send a care package to a deployed service member.
  26. Host a bake sale to raise money for hungry kids.
  27. Make Blessing Bags with hygiene and related items for those that are homeless.
  28. Hold the door open for someone.
  29. Share your toys with a sibling or friend.
  30. Tell your parents how much you love and appreciate them. <3

Focusing on being kind can be life-changing. Start your kids with these simple acts of kindness today.

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