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Heart-y Activities for the Best Valentine's Party Ever

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Are you looking for some “heart-y” activities to plan the best (and easiest!) Valentine's Day Class Party ever?

This exclusive guide from our friends over at SignUp.com is packed with creative craft, snack, and activities for your Valentine's Day Class Party— share them with your friends and fellow class parents, and boost parent participation with free, online class party SignUps

Classroom activities don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be fun. Here are a few ideas perfect for any elementary school class.

Sweetheart Walk
Cut out a paper heart, one for each child, number and tape each heart on the floor in a circle or oval (leave plenty of room so no one bumps into each other). Play music and have everyone walk around the hearts. When the music stops, each child steps onto a heart. Pull a number out of a hat, the person who is standing on that heart gets to pick a prize (a cupcake, small prize from the prize box, goody bag, etc.). Continue until everyone has won a prize!

Heart Attack
Take a goody bag and fill with some candy--tape the top closed so nothing falls out. Have the class gather in a circle and quickly toss the bag of candy around until someone drops it. The person who dropped the bag is out and the game continues until all but one person has dropped the bag. The winner gets to keep the bag of candy.

Musical Hearts
Tape heart shapes to the floor (one less than the number of children playing the game). Have the children walk around the hearts while music plays, when the music stops everyone tries to stand on a heart. The person who doesn’t find a heart is out. Remove another heart every time the music stops until there are only two players and one heart left!

Cupid Says
Have the children stand facing the front of the classroom. Choose a room parent to be Cupid. Cupid faces the children and gives instructions such as “Cupid says hop on one foot”, “Cupid says touch your nose”, “Touch your toes” if anyone touches their toes, they are out because the instruction didn’t start with “Cupid says”. The last person left wins a prize.

Conversation Hearts Relay Race
Divide the class up into four or five teams and line up each team at the back of the classroom. Place one small paper cup per team at the front of the classroom. Give each team one bag of conversation hearts, and each team member a plastic spoon. Have each team member place a designated number of conversation hearts on their spoon and (depending on their age) have them place the handle of the spoon in their mouth or hold the spoon in their non-dominant hand and race to the front of the classroom, dropping the conversation hearts into the cup. The first team to fill up the cup wins.

If you have a larger class size plan a few separate activity stations to make things easier to manage. Break the class up into three groups, assign a room parent to supervise each station, and rotate after a specified amount of time (remember to build in enough time for everyone to complete each station.) Include a craft station, a cookie or cupcake decorating station, and a game station (Tic Tac Toe or Bingo are always a hit and you can use small candies as the card makers). 


Head over to SignUp.com to quickly schedule all of your class party needs--from food and drink to paper goods, craft supplies, and decorations. SignUp.com is simple to use on any device and makes it extra easy for room parents and teachers to ask for help (and get it!). You can build a Valentine’s Day Class Party SignUp in just a few minutes and with a couple of clicks parents can SignUp to choose what to bring to the party, or volunteer to help with setup or activities. Automatic reminders keep everyone in the loop so you aren’t scrambling last minute begging for volunteers or donations. 

Check out the Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas for Kids for more tips and tricks to plan the best Valentine’s Day Class Party ever.

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