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Real Mom Review: Adventure Zone in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Real Mom Reviews Things to Do DC/MD/VA

Adventure Zone is an indoor trampoline and active entertainment complex in Gaithersburg, Maryland that features a large jump arena, basketball trampoline dunk, trampoline dodgeball, battle beam jousting, arcade, rock climbing wall and more! 

We sent two of our MOM Squad ambassadors and their families to Adventure Zone. They received free admission in exchange for providing an honest review of their experience.

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Adventure Zone in Gaithersburg Maryland

LaVonne: Adventure Zone is a family-friendly trampoline park that hosts fun for all ages. There were seven bounce areas that were open during the morning session. My sister enjoyed playing basketball while she bounced. The rock wall was a popular area as well.

Nicole: I went with my two boys and two family friends. The boys all had a great time bouncing down the basketball court making hoops at different heights and bouncing around the other trampolines. 

Adventure Zone Basketball in Gaithersburg Maryland

Adventure Zone in Gaithersburg, Maryland

They also love dodgeball, so they enjoyed the opportunity to play that while bouncing. They also got a great workout and slept very well that night!

LaVonne: My 9-year old nephew loved the bouncy area that you push the other opponent down into a pit.

Adventure Zone in Gaithersburg Maryland

Adventure Zone also has an arcade-style area to play games and win tickets that can be redeemed for prizes for an additional fee.

Arcade at Adventure Zone in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Arcade at Adventure Zone in Gaithersburg, Maryland

There is a candy station, ice cream, drinks, including an Icee machine, chips, and pizza sold by the slice. I also noticed a party order from Pizza Hut, which is across the street.

Arcade at Adventure Zone in Gaithersburg Maryland

When I asked my 8-year old niece and 9-year old nephew what they liked best, they replied in unison, "ALL OF IT!" We will definitely return in the near future. 

Getting There and Getting In

LaVonne: The bright green sign outside made it easy to spot. Parking is free, Adventure Zone shares a parking lot with other small business and it was not busy on the weekday morning that I went.

I did not take public transportation; however, I spoke to another guest and they said that the location is close to the Shady Grove Metro station off the red line. There wasn't a line when we arrived.

Nicole: It took us 35-minutes driving from Bethesda to get to Adventure Zone and it was easy to find. There was lots of accessible parking in the lot in front. It was quick and easy to visit on the weekend we went.

Time Recommended to Enjoy Experience

LaVonne: I would recommend spending two hours here for the full experience.

Nicole: I would recommend spending an hour at Adventure Zone.

Recommended Age Range

LaVonne: We brought a 2-year old, 8-year old, and 9-year old. I recommend Adventure Zone for ages 3 to 17. The 2-year old was a little too young to join in on the activities.

Nicole: My kids are in 4th and 6th grade. The basketball "pit" and "battle beam" seemed geared towards older kids.

I would not recommend bringing young children to this location. Since kids of all ages use the dodgeball trampoline together, young children could get overrun by the older kids. However, they do host specific times for toddlers and young kids. We did not see this event in person, but I imagine if the center were hosting only kids of a young age it might be fine for younger children.

Tips for Families

LaVonne: The daytime hours at Adventure Zone are usually reserved for toddlers from 10 a.m. to noon. We were allowed in during this time since we had a 2-year old with us. During open bounce from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m., they have a separate area open for children ages 6 and under.

Socks are required; however, they provided us several pairs for free. There are also lockers on site, but I'm unsure if there is a fee.

I particularly enjoyed the massage chairs where I could sit and relax and still be able to observe the children jumping. There's also a couch area with TVs to watch shows and one TV dedicated to a live-stream of each open bounce area. 

Nicole: I would recommend that families bring water -- your kids will get very thirsty! -- and the vending machine only accepts cash. There was a snack concession stand but I didn't see anyone working there while we visited on a weekend. 

There seemed to be too few people working to monitor kids on the trampolines. Since there was only one large dodgeball trampoline area, kids of all ages and sizes would play together. The balls they were using were pretty soft but it still seemed geared towards older kids.

Several of the trampoline set-ups were configured in such a way that only one or a couple of kids could be on the trampoline at the same time. The location was not very crowded while we visited, but if it were crowded it would lead to long lines to use the equipment.

Advetnure Zone in Gaithersburg Maryland

Would Your Family Visit Again?

LaVonne: We will definitely return. It's a bit far for my family but it's a new adventure that we are excited to have found.

Nicole: Although the boys I brought did have fun and got a great workout, this was not as well-run as other indoor activity spots in the DMV. There are a few arcade-type games in the lobby available for an additional fee, and perhaps they usually have some basic concessions for sale, but I did not see anyone working this area during our visit.

The trampoline offerings are limited so it might be fun for younger children during a gym time specifically geared towards their age group. For older kids, there isn't a lot of different activities and if the gym were crowded, they'd be waiting in lines to use several of the activities. I don't anticipate returning, and part of that is it is just too far to drive for such limited activities.

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