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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Unique & Special Gifts for Mom Hand-Picked by Team CertifiKID

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We're quickly counting down the days to Mother's Day, but don't panic! Team CertifiKID has you covered with the best gifts to celebrate every type of mom (or honorary mom) out there. Whether she's known as the "cool mom", the outdoorsy type, loves travel and adventure, or simply deserves a break or special indulgence (= every mom, are we right?), our team has searched high and low and rounded up the best gifts that are sure to make mom feel like a queen on her special day. 

Each item included in our Mother's Day Gift Guide was hand-picked by members of our team (all moms ourselves) and represents something we personally love or find special and unique. No matter what kind of woman you're lucky enough to call mom, you're sure to find something here that she will treasure this Mother's Day.  

This post is sponsored by Skylight Digital Frame. However, all opinions are our own. We only promote products we genuinely believe in and feel will appeal to CertifiKID subscribers.

The “Cool” Mom Essentials
For the cool moms who drive around in "swagger wagons", have a knack for making the best snacks, come up with the most creative Halloween costumes and can do the "floss" dance move, check out our team's picks for cool mom essentials.

SCOUT Bags for Mother's Day

The coolest mom deserves the coolest tote. SCOUT's #1 best-seller tote has a burst-proof bottom and is ideal for carrying pretty much everything. It’s the bag your mom didn’t know she needed but can’t live without. 
To Buy: $44; 
www.scoutbags.com/ 20% off orders of $50+ with code MOMSDAY20 (expires 5/13/19)

Boston Proper Mother's Day

Boston Proper Clothing
For the cool mom who needs to refresh her wardrobe with some new trendy styles get her a gift card to Boston Proper. From workwear to vacation mode, casual weekend or special wedding guest dresses, they offer designs for every figure, every lifestyle, every day. Only the coolest moms are wearing Boston Proper.
To Buy: Save 15% Off With This CertifiKID Deal. 
Save 20% Off ALL dresses and jumpsuits with code DRESS20 (from 5/2 – 5/5)

Rosewood Watch

Women’s Wooden Watch Maple & Rosewood
This handcrafted watch is made from natural wood, is 3 ATM water resistant, and has a large dial design and scratch proof glass face. It also includes a date calendar window and is battery-operated. Your mom will love this unique watch, and might just start showing up on time!

To Buy: $99; https://wildswood.com

Finders Key Purse Mother's Day

Finders Key Purse®
For the mom who practically has to call search and rescue every time she tries to locate her keys in her purse, gift her this cool purse charm that doubles as a key holder. She will never lose her keys again, finding them perfectly perched on the side of her handbag. There's nothing cooler than a mom who has all her things in place.
To Buy: $7.95; 

Polaroid Mint Printer

Polaroid Mint Portable Printer
For the mom with a knack for photography and a love for quick family photos, this portable printer connects to your mobile device and can instantly print any photos on your phone. There's no need to pose the family for hours on end or delay mailing the family new photos with this portable printer.
To Buy: $129.99; 

Polaroid One-Step i-type Camera Mother's Day

Polaroid One-Step i-type Camera
Creative moms will love this portable Polaroid camera that can connect to the Polaroid app via Bluetooth. Once connected to the app, you can edit your photos with photoshop tools, filters, and other design features, adding extra sparkle to any family memories!

To Buy: $139.99; www.polaroid.com

The Stork Bag Mother's Day

The Stork Bag Pregnancy Subscription 
For the mom-to-be, or the mom-to-be again! Give her the gift of the newest, coolest, hand-selected pregnancy products each trimester (and beyond!) with goodies like lactation cookies and third-trimester tea. This pregnancy subscription service includes something to eat, something to use and something for self-care for a pregnant mommy.

To Buy: $40-$215; https://thestorkbag.com/

Headzone GO Lighted Makeup Mirror Mother's Day

Headzone GO Lighted Makeup Mirror
This is the perfect gift for the cool mom-on-the-go who is an expert at doing her makeup anywhere. With this full-panel LED compact mirror she will be able to create her favorite looks and makeup touch-ups anywhere. The light from this compact mirror is as close to natural sunlight as possible, making it perfect for instant touch-ups. And at the size of a flip phone, it can easily fit in her diaper bag or purse.
To Buy: $74.99; 

The Vault Mother's Day

The Vault Vinyl Subscription
This quarterly subscription is perfect for the music-loving mom. The Vault is produced by Third Man Records, which is Jack White's label. The subscription includes t-shirts, posters, postcards, concert DVDs, and additional 7"s from various artists like the White Stripes, The Raconteurs, or Peal Jam.

To Buy: $60; https://thirdmanstore.com

Self-Care for the Selfless Mom
For the mom who is constantly putting others before herself, give her the gift of one of our favorite indulgences or hand-picked self-care items. 

Mask Moment's Mother's Day

Mask Moments
For the mom who deserves some TLC and pampering, this mask subscription service will give her a taste of the spa life every month without leaving the house. Mask Moments 
specialty face masks are all natural (no artificial ingredients or fragrances here!) and are made of coconut bio-cellulose making the skincare goodness absorb deeper into her pores. The skincare routine your mom has been dreaming of can now be delivered to her door!
To Buy: $20- $65; www.maskmoments.com/

Sensa Calm Weighted Blanket Mother's Day

Weighted Wrap
For the mom who needs some extra comfort at the office, traveling, or anywhere, weighted blankets are well known for their benefits to help relieve stress and anxiety. The weighted wrap is the same concept, but in a smaller, travel-friendly size. Perfect for the mom balancing all the stresses of everyday mom life.
To Buy: $24.95-$49.95; www.sensacalm.com

Muse 2 Meditation Headbang Mother's Day

Muse 2 Meditation Headband
For the mom who could use a little more Zen in her life, the Muse 2 meditation headband p
rovides real-time feedback on her meditation practice, including focus, posture, stability, relaxation and breathing, through the muse meditation app. Transform mom's stress into peace and relaxation with daily use.
To Buy: $249https://choosemuse.com

Fosmon's Ultrasonic Essential Diffuser Mother's Day

Fosmon’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser
For the mom who loves essential oils, the ultrasonic diffuser uses misting and aromatherapy to aid in stress relief, mood enhancement, and respiratory and immune system function. It can run for up to three hours, and includes seven different LED light color options and a remote.
To Buy: $27.99

MomBombs Mother's Day

MomBombs Organic Bath Bombs
Indulge mom in a relaxing bath with MomBombs handmade, 100% vegan, organic, cruelty-free bath bombs, all made in the USA. Even better, with every box sold, MomBombs donates $5 to a charity to help moms in need. Your mom will feel great knowing her bathtime is helping others too!

To Buy: $10-$39.99; www.mombomb.org/

SleepPhones Mother's Day

SleepPhones® Headband With Speakers
For the mom who covets a good night's sleep, SleepPhones luxuriously soft headband 
made of their exclusive SheepCloud™ fabrics, contains thin, padded removable speakers so she can listen to music, audiobooks, mediation, and more while falling asleep - particularly great for moms who sleep next to a snoring mate! The headband is lightweight, washable and hypoallergenic, while also being compliant with the highest standards for electronics and batteries.
To Buy: $99.95; www.sleepphones.com/

Baked by Melissa Cupcakes Mother's Day

Baked by Melissa Cupcakes
One of our CEO's hand-picked favorites! These bite-size cupcakes come in a variety of different assortments and seasonal flavors, including their limited-edition Mother's Day cupcakes assortment with flavors like Strawberry Milkshake, Sugar Cookie and Electric Tie Dye. Every mom deserves an indulgence, and this gives her a taste without the calories of a whole cupcake. 
To Buy: $28-$140; 

Lavendar Latte Portable Pour Over Set Mother's Day

Lavender Latte Portable Pour Overs
For the coffee-loving mom, this amazing lavender latte will bring her all the chill vibes. This kit Includes compostable pour over filters, ground dark-roast Vietnamese beans, sweetened condensed milk, and organic dried lavender. Fit a filter over your mug, add hot water and sweetened condensed milk, and her brew is ready!
To Buy: $17; www.uncommongoods.com 

The Brave Art of Motherhood Mother's Day

The Brave Art of Motherhood
For the mom who could use a reminder of how incredible she is and inspire her to act on her dreams. In The Brave Art of Motherhood, Rachel, a mother of 7,
 teaches how to rewrite the pages of your story, follow your passion, and discover the beauty of who you are. 
To Buy: $14; https://www.amazon.com

The Eco Mom on a Mission
Check out these unique products for the eco-friendly, outdoorsy mom who cares about the environment and values gifts that help others.

The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle Mother's Day

The Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle
Every outdoorsy mom needs a travel-friendly water bottle. This collapsible one is packable and leakage proof, making it the perfect bottle for a mom heading on a hike, camping trip, or to the neighborhood park. She'll never have to juggle which items to fit in her bag again.

To Buy: $29.95; www.nomader.com/

Steel Straw Mother's Day

Steel Straw Set
Now that the news is out about plastic straws causing long-term environmental damage, we all need to choose to reduce our use. Your eco-friendly mom will love these reusable stainless steel straws by The Original Tin Cup Co., which can even be engraved with a special note or name.
To Buy: $6.95; 

Mobile Warming Sierra Women's Jacket Mother's Day

Mobile Warming Sierra Women’s Jacket
Keep mom both warm and looking cool on her outdoor adventures with this techy jacket that has built-in Bluetooth control to heat her. Your outdoor-loving mom will be able to enjoy all her favorite cold weather activities while staying toasty warm.
To Buy: $219.99; https://mobilewarming.com/

Bouqs Mother's Day

Bouqs Farm Fresh Flower Bouquet
Flower-loving moms will appreciate a bouquet from this eco-friendly, farm-to-table company which connects local farmers and florists with customers. Bouqs bouquets are cut the day you order and shipped straight from farm partners, so they'll last longer and no flowers go to waste. Your mom will love both her flowers and their sustainable background.
To Buy: Save 25% Off With This CertifiKID Deal.

PackLite Mother's Day

LuminAID PackLite Portable Solar Lantern
For the nature-loving mom on the go, this portable, easy to change, solar inflatable lantern is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. It gives off a warm glow and glistening frame all while being eco-friendly, with no hassle of batteries.
To Buy: $24.99; 

Ride Jetson Journey Bicycle

Journey Electric Bicycle
The Journey electric bike will take mom a little farther on her adventures. The bike goes up to 20 mph and 30 miles on just one charge, with a lightweight frame and rear storage rack. Your mom can pick up groceries, bike to her yoga class, or enjoy a family bike ride.
To Buy: $1,799.99

The Adventurist Classic Mother's Day

The Adventurist Classic Backpack
This fashionable backpack is perfect for the adventuring mom and can double as a diaper bag. The fabric is weather-resistant and the minimalist design and size make it perfect for any adventure or day out, while also fitting under an airplane seat. It also includes plenty of storage for all your belongings and a pouch for your laptop. Even better, for every Adventurist Classic backpack purchased, 25 meals are provided to families in need.
To Buy: $65; 

The Wanderlust Mom
For the moms who love all things travel and are continually planning their next trip, we have selected our favorite items that will remind them that an adventure is waiting around every corner.

GeoJanga Maps Mother's Day

GeoJanga Maps
Create your own personalized map, title it for your family's adventures, and mark each destination your family has visited along with future planned trips and dream destinations. An inspirational gift that brings the whole family together and serves as a beautiful piece of art work and conversation starter. 
All maps come with 100 multi-colored push pin markers.
To Buy: $99; https://geojango.com/

Scratch Your Travels World Map Mother's Day

Scratch Your Travels® WORLD MAP
A gorgeous decor piece that doubles as an interactive exploration map! All of the scratch-off locations reveal a beautiful watercolor design beneath. Your mom will enjoy marking off each part of her journey and sharing her travel adventures with everyone.
To Buy: $27.99; www.etsy.com Use Discount Code:

Paris Map Cuff Bracelet
"Paris is always a good idea." The world's most visited capital conjures up feelings of romance and enchantment for travel-loving moms, reminding her that life is an adventure just waiting to happen. 
Let her carry this feeling with her everywhere she goes with this Paris Map Cuff. Made from laser cut wood depicting a map of Paris, choose metal, wood materials, and size. Your mom will love this wanderlust accessory.
To Buy: $64.99; www.etsy.com 

My Travels Tree Mother's Day

My Travels Tree
This award-winning, unique travel souvenir displays all of mom's travels in one place. The starter's set tree includes a stand, title sign, and three travel signs. The tree can hold up to 30 signs total, allowing mom to add as her journey unfolds. 
To Buy: $88.94; www.etsy.com 

Travel Tube Blanket

Travel Tube Blanket
We all know how cold airplanes can be, and how hard blankets are to come by! This lightweight, stretchy blanket rolls up into an eternity scarf and can be adjusted into a wrap or shawl for the ultimate trendy and useful travel accessory. 
To Buy: $55.00; www.etsy.com 

Custom City Map Art Mother's Day

Custom City Map Art
Create a custom map for your mom of her favorite city so she can look back and remember all her favorite travel memories. Choose from over 60 different background colors or choose a custom color. You can also add hearts to any location and customize the text below the map (including coordinates, a note, date traveled, etc.).

To Buy: $14.00; www.etsy.com

Spice Madam Mother's Day

Spice Madam
Your globetrotting, foodie mom can explore the world without even leaving her house with this spice subscription box full of global spices, recipes (including vegetarian and gluten-free options), music and fun facts. She will get to explore and experience a new culture and destinations each month. Each box purchased also supports a non-profit that impacts youth education. 
To Buy: $20/month; www.spicemadam.com

CertifiKID Getaway deals Mother's Day

The ultimate gift for the travel-loving mom is another adventure to look forward to! From luxury resorts, glamping in nature, hotels by the beach and even cruises, check out CertifiKID's getaway deals.Take your mom on an unforgettable adventure, while saving up to 50% off.
To Buy: $72-$859; 

The Sentimental Mom
For the mom who keeps every baby photo and loves to share family stories, give her the gift of family memories with a modern twist. 

Skylight Frames Mother's Day

Skylight Digital Frame
A special gift that will keep on giving for years to come, Skylight's unique digital photo frame connects to Wi-Fi, allowing family members and loved ones to email photos to the frame no matter where they are - across town or across the globe - that automatically appear on the screen. Mom will love being able to view all of the special memories of her loved ones right from her living room, allowing her to stay connected even if far away.
To Buy: $25 Off With This CertifiKID Deal.


Chatbooks Photo Album
Create a photo album for your mom with all her favorite photos, whether it be a collection of pictures of her kids or a group of photos from her recent travels. Your mom will love the thought and care that went into creating this album. 
To Buy: 
FREE 6x6 Soft Cover Photo Book With this CertifiKID Deal.

Family Names Throw Pillow

Family Names Throw Pillow Covers
The ultimate in sentimental home decor, these trendy, 18"x18" pillow covers showcase the names of mom's loved ones and are machine-washable. These neutrally-colored covers will match with any room and are guaranteed to become your mom's new favorite home accessory.
To Buy: $15.99; www.etsy.com 

Custom Artwork Mother's Day

Custom Artwork
Give your mom the gift of a custom-made, hand-drawn art piece of her favorite photo. Artwork is created in ink and painted in watercolor. This is the perfect gift for the mom who cherishes both art and memories!
To Buy: $40-$85; https://www.etsy.com/

Photo to Canvas Art Mother's Day

Photo to Canvas Art
Always a favorite gift for the sentimental mom, transform your family photos and memories into canvas art wall decor. Check out these CertifiKID deals for Photo Gifts and Canvas on Demand to create a new, memorable wall-hanging that your memory-keeping mom will love to look at on her wall.
To Buy: 
Save up to 89% Off on Photo Gifts or Canvas on Demand With These CertifiKID Deals.

Personalized Family Print Mother's Day

Personalized Family Print
For the mom who prefers whimsical decor, recreate your family in printed form! Choose skin tones, hair, and clothing, and customize with your family name and the year you were established as a family clan. Choose between framed or unframed, and don't forget to add the family dog!
To Buy: $75.00 - $150.00; www.uncommongoods.com


Soulments Mother's Day

Soulments Journal App
Hanging on to life's important memories has never been easier with this mindfulness-based journal app that encourages reflection and remembering big milestones like the first smile, a proud artwork, and those hilarious and sometimes tear-jerking words. Your mom will love being reminded of all the big and small ways her children are growing and thriving.
To Buy: $3.99/month or $37.99/year; www.soulments.com/

Birthstone Necklace Mother's Day

Birthstone Necklace
Mom will love carrying her loved ones close with this birthstone necklace that's both stylish and sentimental. This handmade necklace features each family member's birthstone branching off the next, available in either gold or sterling silver. Add charms with stamped initials for each birthstone for extra credit. 
To Buy: $27.20; www.etsy.com

StoryWorth Subscription Mother's Day

StoryWorth Subscription
A CertifiKID team favorite that has been gifted to many of our moms (and dads)! StoryWorth emails your mom weekly with story prompts and questions about her life to answer. At the end of the year, all of her stories are bound as a hardcover book for her to reflect on, share and pass down for generations to come. This is a gift that both mom and the whole family will cherish. 

To Buy: $99.00; www.storyworth.com

Project Repeat Quilt for Mother's Day

Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt
Turn moms T-shirt collection into a custom-made, keepsake quilt. Choose your quilt size from a lap blanket to king-size, mail in your desired T-shirts and await your Mother's Day gift arrival. Your mom will be so surprised to see all her favorite T-shirt memories organized into the sweetest, usable keepsake.

To Buy: Save 30% Off with this CertifiKID Deal.

The Martha Stewart Extraordinaire Mom
What do you get the mom who does everything and has everything? We have collected the most unique gadgets and kits that will both surprise your mom and make her life easier.

Roccbox Mother's Day

Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven
For the pizza-loving and pizza-making mom, her favorite meal has never been easier! With the Roccbox portable, insulated, stone floor oven, your mom can cook fresh pizza in just 60 seconds (yes, you read that right!). Your mom will be ecstatic knowing her meal-prep will only be a matter of minutes, and the family dinner can begin as soon as the pizza is fresh out of the pizza oven, and can be prepared anywhere!
To Buy: $699; 

Kombucha Starter Kit Mother's Day

DIY Kombucha Kit
The kombucha-loving mom can explore new recipes and flavors and create endless batches of homemade kombucha with this fun kit. The Starter Kit includes everything mom needs to create her own brews, including a DIY guide, a one-gallon glass jar, organic cane sugar, SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast), organic black tea and a tight weave cloth with rubber band. The kit is reusable and can make a gallon or 10 bottles of kombucha.
To Buy: $39.99;

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Kit for Mother's Day

Meal Kit Subscription
Most moms dream about having their own personal chef to plan meals and cook for the family. While that may be a bit out of reach, you can get her closer to her dream by gifting her with a meal kit subscription that delivers delicious recipes and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients right to her front door. She will love being able to create new dishes without ever stepping foot in the grocery store. With our CertifiKID deals, save up to $80 
off meal kit delivery from Sun Basket, a gluten-free, vegetarian, and carb-conscious meal delivery kit or save up to $60 off meal kit delivery from Blue Aprona meal kit for 2 or 4, with Weight Watchers-designed meals, and vegetarian meals.
To Buy: 
Save up to $80 Off Meal Kit Delivery from Sun Basket or up $60 Off Meal Kit Delivery from Blue Apron.

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board Mother's Day

Ampersand Charcuterie Board
The newest trend at dinner parties and celebrations these days are charcuterie boards, wooden boards filled with cheeses, meats, veggies and more. Your mom will love this unique cheese board in the shape of the ampersand symbol, it's a fun and easy way to organize crackers and cheese and will be the hit of every party for years to come.
To Buy: $48; www.uncommongoods.com

The Wine Lover
For the moms who know how to unwind and enjoy a glass of wine, we have rounded up some of our favorite wine-inspired gifts. 

Wine Cork States Mother's Day

Wine Cork States
For the mom who breaks out her special wine for big occasions, this one's for her! After popping a fancy bottle let her remember the celebration for years to come with a state outline crafted from Baltic birch plywood that can be filled with keepsake wine corks. She can display her favorite wines and memories in this unique art piece. 

To Buy: $35; www.uncommongoods.com

Chardonnay Go Mother's Day

Chardonnay Go Game
For the mom who plans monthly wine nights with her friends, this will bring it to the next level! This board game is designed for wine lovers with a mix of charades and classic board game. The wine-loving mom in your life will have never laughed harder (earplugs not included).

To Buy: $29.99; https://onefunnymother.com

Wine Aroma Kit Mother's Day

Wine Aromas Kit
For the wannabe sommelier mom, this gift will rock her world! Your mom will be able to experience an at-home class and game involving smelling different aromas and identifying the notes. She will be able to develop her vocabulary and recognize notes in wine. (White Wine Aroma Kit pictured)

To Buy: Kits range from $40-$400; winearomas.com

Personal Wine Mother's Day

Personalized Wine
For the classic wine-loving mom who enjoys a glass of red, white or rose, gift your mom her favorite wine blend with a custom label or customized engraving on the bottle. This bottle will become a keepsake to remember her favorite glass from her new favorite bottle.

To Buy: $25-$989www.personalwine.com

No matter what kind of mom you have, or what gift you choose, your mom will appreciate the care you put into celebrating her this Mother's Day.

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