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Four Fabulous Tips to Plan an Easy, Enjoyable, and Entertaining End of Year Class Party

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Can you believe, in just a few short weeks, the school year will come to an end?!? The last couple of months seemed like they lasted forever, it felt like the school year would never end! But you made it through and now it’s time to plan a party to reward everyone’s hard work! With the help of our friends over at SignUp.com, your end of year class party is going to be stress-free and successful!

Check out these four fabulous tips to plan an easy, enjoyable and entertaining end of year class party.

1.  Classroom Takeover
The teachers and room parents have worked hard all year long to provide a fun learning environment in the classroom. A great way to say thank you is by taking over the planning of the EOY party! SignUp.com’s planning tools help you organize and execute your party with minimal effort and stress. Quickly outline all of your EOY party needs - from volunteers to food and drink, paper goods, craft supplies, and decorations. With just a few clicks you can send out your requests. Parents can sign up to choose what to bring to the party, or volunteer to help with setup or activities. Automatic reminders keep everyone in the loop so you aren’t scrambling last minute begging for volunteers or donations.

End of Year Class Party Ideas SignUp.com

2.  KISS the Year Goodbye
Remember to Keep It Simple Sunshine! Don’t overthink things. You don’t need to organize five different activities, provide eight kinds of snacks, or arrange a bounce house. It’s just another class party! Here are some simple party ideas:

  • A DIY ice cream sundae party is a crowd-pleaser and doesn’t require a ton of planning.
  • A "Popcorn and Pajama Party" is super simple and stress-free, not to mention fun for all ages! What is more fun than wearing your comfy pajamas to school? How about wearing your comfy pajamas and eating popcorn while watching a movie!
  • Popsicles, hula hoops and patio chalk bring the crowd-pleasing fun to the playground.

3.  Making Memories
Using construction paper, markers, stickers, foam letters, glitter, and craft sticks, have children create a frame for their class photo - or even better, a small photo book to fill with their photos, mementos, and memories from the year. Have a parent take photos with a Polaroid camera for instant snapshots, or use a digital camera or smartphone and share the files with everyone to print after the fun has ended.

Create a simple photo booth by decorating a wall in an out-of-the-way corner with a colorful background (think colorful plastic tablecloth). Print out these beachy photo props for everyone to use while they strike a pose and share in their excitement for summer! 

4.  Complimentary Comment Cards
Print out a comment card for each child (and teacher!) in the class and ask students to write a positive comment about that person. It will feel awesome, make a nice keepsake and helps boost self-esteem. Download Printable Complimentary Comment Cards HERE

Complimentary Comment Card End of Year Class Party

Need more great ideas? Check out this exclusive EOY Party guide from SignUp.com comprised of “must have” recommendations for EOY party activities, class-friendly food, and heartfelt teacher gift ideas.


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