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Real Mom Review: Day Out With Thomas: The Steam Team Tour

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Day Out With Thomas: The Steam Team Tour is a fun family event that provides children the opportunity to take a real train ride with Thomas, meet Sir Topham Hatt and participate in other Thomas-themed activities! This is a traveling event that is visiting various heritage railroad museums across the U.S. and Canada. Each museum puts its own unique spin on the event, offering complementary activities like bounce houses, activities and entertainment.

We sent one of our MOM Squad ambassadors and her family to the Day Out With Thomas event at the Illinois Railroad Museum. They received free tickets in exchange for providing an honest review of their experience.

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Day Out With Thomas: The Steam Team Tour

The Day Out with Thomas at the Illinois Railroad Museum provided an educational experience learned through the eyes of one of our favorite characters. From our arrival, the staff was very courteous and informative. While on our ride with Thomas the Train, the train conductors played the part dressing in costume! This really enhanced my children's experience as they felt as though they were in a real old-fashioned train.

Day Out With Thomas

While on the train, the conductor stopped by our seat and stamped my children's tickets, just like on a real train. He answered their questions and told them fun facts about the train. I have young children, so he even provided insight on which exhibits and activities they'd most like.

Day Out With Thomas

After our ride, we took a tour of the facilities on a old fashioned street car. This provided an easy way to see all of the trains, signals and equipment the museum has to offer. We also explored one of the train barns that was open to the public and toured the inside of a 1920's passenger train. My children got such a thrill out of the bunk beds in the sleeper car. Along the way, information about the train and its origins/uses were peppered in.

Day Out With Thomas

The Day Out with Thomas event also featured Thomas the train bounce houses and ride along trains perfect for my younger children. Guests could also ride Percy and play on a train-themed playground.

Day Out With Thomas

Time Recommended to Enjoy Experience

3 hours at a minimum.

Recommended Age Range

My children are 3.5-years old and 19-month old twins. I think the museum is prime for ages 4-7. However, I think the Thomas ride was great for my age children. My son (19 mo) was totally in awe of everything. 

Day Out With Thomas

Tips for Families

Wear closed-toed shoes with lots of support, as there is some walking involved. Bring lots of water as I am not sure I saw any water fountains but there was water for purchase.

I would definitely recommend it for families. The staff was incredible and very informative. Everyone we asked questions of was very helpful. We really liked exploring the real passenger cars. 

Would You Visit Again?

If any of my children's interest in trains continues to grow I would definitely come back but not until the twins are at least 3.5 or 4. 

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