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Real Mom Review: Candy Club

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Remember being a kid and living for the moments when you could get your hands on candy? Before the days of being picky, just the idea of getting a piece of candy was exciting. A generic sucker from the bank? Sure. A mint after a meal? Yep. A wrapped piece of some weird, hardened sugar from your elderly neighbor? Of course! I'm sure I'm not the only one who would count down the days to Halloween, then hoard my giant bag of goods making it last as long as possible. 

What if the excitement of candy could be every month? 

HELLO Candy Club

That's right, a genius somewhere decided that waiting a whole year for a bag full of candy was not acceptable and created Candy Club, a monthly subscription that delivers six different textures, flavors, and shapes of candy to your doorstep! Imagine the amount of bribery you could use as a parent (or as a spouse). 

Candy Club by CertifiKid

My husband has a severe sweet tooth. I knew I hit the jackpot after discovering Candy Club. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Each month he looked forward to discovering new amazing sugary treats. Some were oldies but goodies... some new deliciousness he couldn't believe he'd never tried. 

He was a bit too embarrassed to let me video him unveiling this month's tasty treats. Luckily, my friend Beth had no such trouble. Here is what getting a Candy Club box looks like:

Beth: "It was a lot of fun and honestly we were all really impressed with it. We weren’t expecting the box to look as nice as it did. I had a few of my friends over that I play mahjong with and we love candy and they thought the candy was delicious too."

How it works:

  • Choose the cup size depending on the size of your family or sweet tooth (no judgement): Fun Box or Party Box
  • Choose between two flavor profiles: Mostly Sweet or Mostly Sour
  • EAT ALL THE CANDY! As a family, of course. 

Ready to receive your own curated box from Candy Club? Save 50% off plus free shipping HERE! And if you find a candy you can't live without? You can now purchase individual cups as well. Get free shipping on orders over $20 HERE

Additionally, Candy Club donates 2% of purchase proceeds to The Birthday Party Project, an organization that helps bring joy to homeless children through monthly birthday celebrations. So not only do you get to enjoy candy, you'll be giving back when you do it. 

Let Candy Club bring your family together through a tasting adventure! We did, and it was sweet!

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