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Great Ways to Stay Connected with Your College Kids


It happened. Your kid is off to college. But how? Wasn't it two weeks ago they said 'mama' for the first time? Wasn't it just yesterday they were five and thrilled to get an ice cream cone? They grow up right before our eyes and it's as if time was on fast forward. Now, they're leaving the nest. Off to conquer the world. But they have so much more to learn and experience! It begs the question: How do we stay connected with our kids in college?

We've teamed up with Candy Club to bring you some great ways to stay connected with your long-lost baby. 

This post is sponsored by Candy Club. CertifiKID receives compensation from companies whose products we recommend to our audience. However, we only promote businesses we genuinely believe in and feel will appeal to our subscribers.

Use the Phone

Not for phone calls, of course . . . that is so 2005. Instead, utilize all the modern technologies our phones offer - text often, even send a funny gif or picture. It's a great way to briefly connect without a full conversation. You can also Facetime or Skype once a week. Seeing each other makes all the difference and reminds them of their home base where they are supported and, as an added bonus, it keeps you in the loop. 

Take Advantage of Social Media

Ever heard of Snapchat? It's time to learn. You can easily send a funny video of the dog or a picture of dinner time with the caption, 'miss you'. 

How about create a Facebook group for family? Invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to join. It's the perfect way to stay in contact with everyone. You can see pictures, talk to one another, make plans. You could even use Google Hangouts to have a virtual dinner with the family. 

Send a Care Package

Living away from home is a huge adjustment, whether in an apartment or on campus. Home sickness, finances, classes, even getting used to not having a kitchen to raid anymore can be scary and stressful. Getting a care package from family is sure to brighten your kid's spirits and give them something to share with friends. It can also be fun for you! Ever heard of a Care Package Party? Yep, that's right. What does a Care Package Party entail?

  • Coordinate the date with other mothers and/or fathers.
  • Assign each person specific snacks, decorations, or extras to bring.
  • Pick up boxes from the post office.
  • Create an assembly line of all the goodies.
  • Decorate! Eat! Drink! Share! Create!
  • Write a personal note before boxing it up and sending it away.

Imagine the excitement your kid will feel when they not only get mail, but it's a big box filled with all sorts of goodies. I think we're talking ice-cream cone level excitement. 

Sign Up for a Monthly Subscription

Don't have the time but want to show them love? This is when a monthly subscription comes in handy. This is a great option for busy moms out there that might not have time. Also, imagine getting one thing you love month after month. It's a great reminder of home and something to look forward to for our kids. There are monthly subscriptions for almost everything now- wine, cheese, bread, flowers, coffee, and even candy. 

Photo by Candy Club

Candy Club, for example, is an awesome option. This monthly subscription will deliver six different candies to your college kid's doorstep! Enough candy for them and their friends, all without even having to lift a finger! 

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Get into the college spirit! Buy the sweatshirt. Root for the football team. Show up for parents weekend! Share in this new experience with them. They won't feel so alone and you won't feel so alone without them. 

Embrace Change

Things are going to change. It's sad but also opens the door for new experiences and traditions - a new beginning! Embrace it. Here are some ideas of great new things you can do with your kid:

  • Book Club -  One weekend a month you get together, discuss the book, and can even theme it up!
  • Homemade Dinner Night - When they come home they can choose which dinner they want (tip: make extra to send with them when they go).
  • Weekly Coffee Meet - Get together for coffee once a week - catch up, chat, caffeinate.
  • High/Low - Send a text each night with your high moment for the day and your low moment for the day. 
  • Movie Night - Put together a family movie night with popcorn and snacks. 

The fact is, watching our kids go off to college can be scary, for us and them. But it can also be the beginning of so many new, wonderful experiences. Allow this new adventure to bring your family even closer together. 

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