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Gems From Our Past That Kids Will Love Today

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The recent release of Disney's live-action and animated versions of Aladdin have us feeling nostalgic. How often can we share a new experience and revisit an old one with our kids? Not often enough. When we start thinking about it, there are so many games, foods, and experiences that were awesome when we were young but still resonate today. Want to take a step back in time with us? 

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Roller Skates

Photo by RadGalRollerSkates on Etsy
Photo courtesy of RadGalRollerSkate on Etsy

We all remember the big box containing a brand new pair of roller skates... and if you were really cool, roller blades. You'd pull up your socks, shove your foot inside, and clasp or tie those babies up. Ever thought about getting a new pair and one for your kid? Imagine the hilarity that would ensue. 

Teddy Ruxpin

Photo by The Rural Route on Etsy
Photo courtesy of The Rural Route on Etsy

Love him or fear him, Teddy Ruxpin is a classic. This talking, singing teddy bear was every where and yet you couldn't buy him if you wanted to. Luckily, there is an updated version that you can purchase to share the joy (or fear) with your kid. 


Photo by ilovevintagestuff on Etsy
Photo courtesy of ilovevintagestuff on Etsy

How far did you get? It always felt like Simon was the back up game to play when you were bored but the second you started it became a challenge. Similar games like Bop It are perfect to play with your kid. Beware, it'll suck you in. 

Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Photo by Mangosue2
Photo courtesy of Mangosue2 on Etsy

Oh the amazingness of this sugary, delicious drink. Buying the can was always better because the juice box never contained enough. Am I right?! And yes, you can still get it!

Water Ring Toss

The most frustrating game ever! Push the air button and get a circle on a ring! Jackpot! Push the button again and they all come off. Did anyone ever win this? Maybe not, but it's guaranteed entertainment. You can easily find the original. Put the screens down and watch your kids get as frustrated as you did. 

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers only lasted one year but continued to play in re-runs for years. Would your kid like it now? Ummm yes!

Fisher Price Medical Kit

Photo by OneGoodHand
Photo courtesy of OneGoodHand on Etsy

The doctor is in! If you didn't have the Fisher Price Medical Kit, odds are you had something similar. Playing 'doctor' never gets old.

Stick On Earrings

Photo by TheOddOwl on Etsy
Photo courtesy of TheOddOwl on Etsy

You did it. Don't lie. Stick On Earrings were everything! With all different shapes, sizes, and colors, it's no wonder they were so popular. Kid not ready for the real thing yet? Bring in the stick ons. They will love them as much as you did. 


Photo by BuyfromGroovy on Etsy
Photo courtesy of BuyfromGroovy on Etsy

Yes. Yes. Yes. Hours of my life were spent doing something I could probably accomplish freehand. But who cares!? Creating random circles with different colored pencils and pens was the best thing ever! Grab those pens and get to spiralizing!

Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast

Photo by Disney
Photo courtesy of Disney

Most of us can remember the first time we saw these amazing movies. Almost all of us can sing along to the songs. It takes us back to an innocent, simple time. How lucky are we that we can experience it all over again with our kids? 

Photo by Disney

Snap Bracelets

Photo by JennSkiVintage
Photo courtesy of JenSkiVintage

Has your kid had the pleasure of slapping on a snap bracelet? If not, what are you waiting for? Go pick one up. Better yet, get two.


Something about making a sandwich out of cheese, crackers, and a piece of ham was so alluring. Lunchables has since stepped up their lunching game for your kids, but the classic small container with a bite-size brownie is still available.

Ouch Bubble Gum

Photo by Euphorvic
Photo courtesy of Euphorvic on Etsy

Who didn't love carrying that cute tin can around? Sure, the gum only lasted for two minutes, but the experience of the tin can is what's most important. Do they still have those, you ask? Sure do! 

Push Pop

Any candy is amazing; as a kid, Push Pop is next level. Remember the little container with the clip so you could keep it on you at all times?


Photo by MomandMacyCreations on Etsy
Photo courtesy of MomandMacyCreations on Etsy

If you didn't sit down for TGIF and anxiously wait for the Cory/Topanga saga, or sing the opener to Family Matters, or hope Mr. Cooper starts dating Vanessa, then you were NOT a kid of the 80's and 90's. You're singing the theme from Step-by-Step right now because you can't help it. Most of those shows still hold up. Watch the original or reboots of Fuller House and Girl Meets World. Oh... and you can totally buy matching shirts. And should!

Sometimes, we need to take a step back in time to remember how fun it was to be a kid. The joy that comes from discovering something new. The happiness singing the same songs and watching the same movies over and over brings. There is something to be said for bringing back oldies but goodies. 

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