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CertifiKID GIVES: Raise Money for Your School or Youth Organization With our Easy Fundraising Program!

Pictured are PTA President, Pam Fine (left) and Hayfield ES Principal, Jessica Lewis (right) Pictured are PTA President, Pam Fine (left) and Hayfield ES Principal, Jessica Lewis (right)

CertifiKID has put the FUN back into fundraising with our CertifiKID Gives Fundraising Program, making fundraising for your local community organization simple and easy!

We know first hand how fundraising plays an important - and essential - role in our communities. But seriously, just how much wrapping paper, tinned popcorn, cookies, scented candles or chocolate do you really need – even if it’s for a good cause? Be honest.

For over three years, CertifiKID has partnered with over 400 local organizations, PTA’s/PTO’s, scout troops, religious groups, community based groups and non-profits. Here's how it works. Organizations register and receive a unique promo code to share with friends and family. For every $20 CertifiKID purchase using the organization's promo code, $5 is contributed to their fundraising efforts. With just a few clicks of a mouse, people will be enjoying sweet deals on fun family activities, events, shows, and more … and earning for their favorite group or organization while they do it.

We spoke with Becca Bagley from the Hayfield Elementary School PTA, located in Alexandria, Virginia. Hayfield has been a top earner in the program and shared with us how fundraising with CertifiKID helped their school purchase two new water bottle filling stations!

What do you like about the CertifiKID fundraising program?
We appreciate that the program essentially runs itself, so our primary job is to promote it. The unlimited use of our fundraising code dramatically increased the number of times our code was used. CertifiKID provides promotion materials that we use; in particular, the CertifiKID Gives flyer has been helpful. We appreciate the monthly status emails, informing us of how much we have earned so far.

How the CertifiKID fundraising program has benefited Hayfield?
Over the lifetime of the program, we have earned over $2,000, with which we were able to purchase water bottle filling stations in the school cafeteria. Any additional money CertifiKID donates to the Hayfield PTA will go towards financially supporting teacher and classroom resources, field trips, school wide assemblies and family events.

Briefly tell us about your Water Bottle Filling station
The water bottle filling stations in the cafeteria work towards reducing plastic water bottle use. The bottle filling station has a numeric counter that monitors how much waste is eliminated with its use, making it tangible for students. This aligns with our “Get 2 Green” goals of becoming a more environmentally-friendly school along with educating students to be good stewards of our environment.

How do you promote your school's fundraising code?
We promote our fundraising code in various ways throughout the year. We post on the PTA’s social media sites (most frequently on the PTA's Facebook page, but also on Twitter). The PTA has a monthly newsletter sent via email in which we include information about CertifiKID. A few times a year, the CertifiKID information is disseminated to families though room parents emails. Periodically, we publicize CertifiKID on flyers containing blurbs about all our rewards programs; a flyer goes home to every family. We verbally promote CertifiKID at monthly PTA meetings. CertifiKID information is also posted on the PTA website.

Any other ways you are making sure people use the code?
When we promote CertifiKID, we state the specific number of times that the promo code has been used so far, along with how much that has earned the school. Additionally, we encourage people to share the code with friends and family members outside of the Hayfield community.

Anything else you would like to tell us?
Thank you for supporting our school!

With CertifiKID, fundraising is easy! CLICK HERE to sign up your organization!


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