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Let's Dish About Making Time During The Holidays

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Let's Dish Fun Let's Dish Fun

Ah, the holidays... the hustle and bustle, the parties, shopping, wrapping, scheduling and cleaning, oh my! Whether you deck the halls or light the menorah the holidays are so much more than just eight crazy nights. And we do this all on TOP of the already busy lives we lead. It’s enough to have you dreaming of a long winter’s nap!

We don’t know about you, but the whole CertifiKid team is always in search of that extra hour in every day. So when we find something that could help us take something off our plates, we sort of get excited. When that something happens to also fill the plates that have to hit the dinner table every night, well that is a big win in our book.

As it happens we’ve found a great new way to add that extra hour to our days, get the kids fed and do it with food that isn’t in nugget form or deep fried. How do we do this? Do you know about Let’s Dish!? Well, let us dish! (Okay, we couldn’t help but toss out that pun, it sort of wrote itself).

Let’s Dish helps you get that extra time back by helping you get dinner (or lunch) done. There are a few ways to “dish” it out at Let’s Dish!. You can assemble meals yourself in a super fun in-store session, take them home, let them chill in the fridge or freeze, and then just pop them in the oven when you’re ready. Or you can have them whip you up a customized - pre-assembled- selection, just for you. Guess what, they call that “Dish-n-Dash”... too cute, huh? Want to make your holidays even easier? Check out their NEW Dish-Delivery. Just place your order online and have your catered spread delivered ready for you to pop in the oven. Then toss on your super cute party look and wow the guest with your amazingness.

So, dish... how do you add extra time to your busy holiday schedule?

(We've also got a great deal from Let's Dish! that INCLUDES a gift card for a friend... share the fun! )

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