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Real Mom Review: Hyper Kidz BRAND NEW Expanded Indoor Playground in Columbia, Maryland

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Hyper Kidz Ultimate Indoor Playground made a huge splash when it first opened its doors in Columbia, Maryland in 2018. Not your average play space, this unique, ocean-themed, immersive playground for kids of all ages was the first of its kind to open in the area and an immediate family favorite. Due to its overwhelming popularity, Hyper Kidz recently added another 4,000 square feet of fun to its (already huge!) 10,000-square foot facility to eliminate overcrowding and add more exciting attractions!

CertifiKID team member, Amy, got a special sneak peek of Hyper Kidz newly-expanded play space before it officially opened to the public. She shares her honest review below.

Hyper Kidz Columbia

Amy: I've taken my 6 year-old and 3 year-old to Hyper Kidz multiple times since they opened last year, and was super excited to check out their newly expanded space. The main play area is huge and my kids always love it, but it can get very crowded, especially on weekends when birthday parties are being held.

Hyper Kidz is already one of the largest play spaces in the area, so this additional space makes a HUGE difference in giving some overflow, fun new play equipment, additional bathrooms, party rooms, and dedicated entry/exit points for birthday parties. This space is also great for parents, as the open space in the main room was very narrow. Now, there is a much wider area to spread out and sit without being on top of dozens of other parents. I think they added 4,000 total square feet of extra space.

Hyper Kidz

The new play equipment was adorable and had the same bright colors and sleek designs to match the main room, with a soft, mat-like flooring that keeps the "ocean" theme of the whole playground.

Hyper Kidz

There is a bright, soft, climbable inflatable structure that rotates like a merry-go-round (they call this the "UFO"), a HUGE enclosed ball pit that can fit a ton of kids and is deep enough to provide cushioning but shallower than most (making it much easier and more fun to run around in) . . .

Hyper Kidz Ball Pit

. . . a slide shaped like a volcano that is much faster and more fun than it looks . . .

. . . a kiddie-size inflatable hamster wheel/bubble ball, and several other new, slow-moving mechanical play structures, all of which my kids loved.

Hyper Kidz

There are also additional cubbies/lockers, coffee areas and seating for parents, two family bathrooms, and a new mega-sized private party room.

Getting There and Getting In

Hyper Kidz in general is a little tough to find the first time, as it's in a warehouse complex, and it's the very last warehouse in the back of the complex, facing away from the other buildings. They've gotten much better with their directional signage, and there's now a stoplight going into the complex (YAY!).

Parking can be hit or miss. The spaces directly in front of the entrance are handicapped-only, but it's not a far walk at all from the adjacent lots or along the side of the building.

One of the main benefits of the new expansion area is to alleviate the check-in lines and provide a dedicated entrance for birthday parties, which makes the lines MUCH easier to get through. I still think weekdays/weekday evenings are the best times to go, since the weekends can get extremely crowded.

What Did You Enjoy Most?

It was SO nice to have that additional space as a parent, to relieve some of the crowding while standing around watching your kids. It was also nice that all of the new play equipment in the expansion space is open, so you can see your kids at all times (the big, main structure in the main room is four levels high, so if you're not in there with them, they can easily get out of sight).

What I think I enjoyed the most, though, were the family bathrooms - they are adorable! I've always been impressed with how clean the bathrooms are at Hyper Kidz, and now they have family bathrooms that allow a little more space and privacy, and even better, have the kiddie/toddler size toilets and sinks, making it much easier and less stressful to take my 3 year-old when he has to go.

Hyper Kidz

In all the bathrooms, they provide foot covers for your socks, which I think is a great touch, and I even noticed a sign on the back of the door that said "Did your child have an accident? We have diapers and extra shorts at the Front Desk!" It's so comforting to be in a public place where you won't be shamed or overly embarrassed if your kid has an accident.

Is There Anything That Could be Improved?

It's hard to say. We have always loved Hyper Kidz, and the main play areas/structures in the big room are SO cool and unique compared to other places, so the new equipment by nature wasn't as "grand" as the main area. I think the expansion area is much better suited for the 2-5 year old set, who might still be a little overwhelmed by the big structure in the main room.

Time Recommended to Enjoy Experience

Hyper Kidz offers unlimited play with admission and my kids could probably play for 3-4 hours if allowed, but after about 2 - 2.5 hours, I can drag them out with no complaints.  

Recommended Age Range

My kids are 6 and 3. Hyper Kidz overall is great for kids 0-10, and I'd say the expansion area is geared more towards 2-5 year olds.

Food and Drinks

They have snacks, drinks, coffee, and the usual kid snacks (chips, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc). They also sell Dippin' Dots, which my kids just had to have when we went.

Tips for Families

Socks are required for kids and adults. Be sure to fill our your waiver online ahead of time!

Nearby Attractions

Hyper Kidz is in a warehouse complex that has a ton of other kid attractions (NinjaBe, Goldfish Swim School, and Launch Trampoline Park). Black Flag Brewery is also in the same complex. There are no restaurants to walk to within the complex, but a ton within 1-2 miles in Columbia. Our family loves Grotto's Pizza, which is right down the street on Snowden River Parkway.

Would Your Family Visit Again?

YES! We love Hyper Kidz and have a season pass. We will be visiting even more now that the expansion is open to make it an even better experience!

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