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Real Mom Review: Tile - The Finder of All Things!

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CertifiKID team member, Kelly, recently tested out Tile. She received a free Tile 4-Pack in exchange for providing an honest review of her experience. Find the Tile package that works for you and your family with this special offer!

I am notorious for losing things. I have a habit of absentmindedly setting something down and not remembering where I put it. Now that I have kids, the number of things I keep track of on a daily basis has only multiplied. I’m constantly praying to the patron saint of lost objects, St. Anthony, for help in retrieving lost articles of clothing, misplaced cell phones, keys, bills I’ve set aside [you know, in that secret part of the office that no one (including me) will think to look], homework, the family dog … you get the picture.

Divine intervention would be nice, but the reality is that I spend way too much time searching for things. Time, like everyone else, I just don't have. So, when I learned about Tile, the “finder” for all your things, you bet I was all IN!

That’s right, Tile uses technology to help you find the tangible things that matter most (or at least what matters most at that moment.) All I had to do was attach my Tile via included sticky pad or key ring hole to whatever device/object I choose ahem, frequently lose. Then, using my phone’s Bluetooth signal, I send out an alert that identifies the location of the missing object. Upon receiving the signal, the Tile “ring-sings” so I can hear it and find it.

My Tile 4-Pack came with two Tile Stickers, a Tile Slim and a Tile Mate. The two Stickers were perfect for placing on our always lost AirPod case (I vote for tiny Tiles to be made for the AirPods themselves) and our most used TV remote control. For some reason, both of these items are notorious for disappearing and causing our family angst. The Tile Slim fit perfectly in my wallet, and I placed the Tile Mate on my keychain, although I was tempted to place it on my adventurous pup (unfortunately, her super sensitive ears had her spazzing out at this idea).

While my cellphone is the number one item I lose the most frequently, it serves as control central for the Tile system. So, sticking a Tile on it doesn't really work. However, the Tile has a feature that automatically helps you locate your phone. Just double click the button on any of Tiles you've set up and it will locate your phone with a ringing sound EVEN if your phone is on silent. This is life-changing for someone who constantly misplaces her phone and often does so when nobody else is around ("her" being me).

Set up was super easy! I just downloaded the FREE Tile app – it literally takes all of about 25-30 seconds to do so – and followed the simple instructions for setting up my Tiles. Then, I attached my Tiles to their designated items, and in the case of the Slim, just dropped that into my wallet and voila, piece of mind… 

When the inevitable strikes and you misplace your keys/wallet/remote control/[insert name here], at HOME or a familiar place, here’s what you do in four easy, peasy steps:

  • Open up the Tile app to find your list of Tiles.
  • Tap the Tile in your list you want to ring.
  • Tap the green “Find” button.
  • Listen for the Tile tune!
  • If you have Google Nest, it’s even easier. Just tell Google to ring your Tile and in seconds you’ll hear the unmistakable ring!

One thing that was a bit tough to get used to - in order for your Tile to work effectively, you have to do the following: Enable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet, open the Tile app (in the foreground or background), and turn on your Location in your phone or tablet’s settings.

Enabling Bluetooth wasn’t a problem for me - I do this to talk hands-free in my car - but I don’t keep any of my apps open at all times. I'm always worried about it draining my battery. In completing this review, however, I learned that I’ve been foolish in closing my apps and am effectively not doing anything to preserve my phone’s battery (thanks for the clarification, Wired & Apple.) So, go ahead keep those apps open!

As for always having your location on, it’s a matter of how comfortable you are with location-tracking apps and the privacy issues that surround them. I’m not a huge fan of having my location always on but I’m learning to live with it.

Inevitably, losing things happens at the most inconvenient times – running errands, racing to and from appointments, on a playdate or other adventure – essentially, when your mind is going in a million different directions. Fortunately, you can view your Tile’s last known location on the app's map and it will even give you directions in getting back to your lost object.

If you are out of your Tile’s Bluetooth range by the time you realize your object is missing (it can be up to 200 feet for Tile Mate and Tile Slim), there’s another really cool feature called “Community Find” where you enable the “notify when found” alert to enlist the help of other Tile users. Anyone in range of your Tile who has an opened Tile app themselves will anonymously help locate your missing item. You’ll receive a text alert when the item is located and where you can find it.

If you’re like me and walk off without even realizing you've left your keys behind, you may be wise to upgrade to a Premium package (FREE with select purchases for the first year). With this program, your Tile is so SMART, it will notify you when you’ve left it behind. In addition to this SMART feature, the Premium package also includes 30-day location history, unlimited sharing and free battery replacements.

In the end, I only wish I had more of these in my kit. My advice: do yourself a favor and make your life much less stressful in the new year with your very own Tile bundle. Even better, knock out your holiday shopping and grab this Tile offer for all of your favorite (albeit forgetful) family members!


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