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Real Mom Review: SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Trumbull, Connecticut

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SeaQuest is an interactive aquarium where guests journey through five continents, getting an up-close, personal, and sometimes even hands-on experience with the animals and marine life. Whether your kids are feeding sharks, touching stingrays, or enjoying the more immersive experiences such as snorkeling in the premiere swim tank, this is a true "Quest of Edutainment".

SeaQuest currently has ten locations in Layton, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; Fort Worth, Texas; Littleton, Colorado; Folsom, California; Trumbull, Connecticut, and Roseville, Minnesota, Lynchburg, Virginia; Woodbridge, New Jersey; and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Our CertifiKID NYC Family Fun Ambassador, Diana Franzese, visited SeaQuest's Trumbull, Connecticut location with her son. They received free admission in exchange for providing an honest review of their experience.

SeaQuest Trumbell Connecticut

Diana: This was our first time at SeaQuest. I knew SeaQuest had sea life, but had no idea they have so many other animals. They bill it as a "petting zoo aquarium feeding experience," and it is truly unlike any other place around!

SeaQuest Trumbell Connecticut

We were able to interact with, feed and pet the capybaras, pigs, rabbits, wallaby and the iguanas in the Iguana Nirvana.

SeaQuest Trumbell Connecticut

You can purchase coins on the internet, at the front desk, or at the coin machines to purchase food to feed the animals or to use toward an “experience.” Some of the experiences at this location include the "Parakeet Paradise," where you get in the large cage with about 50 different parakeets and get to feed them. The parakeets come to you and make their home on your lap, hand, shoulder, or even your head. It’s quite the experience!

There’s also an experience with a coatimundi and a kinkajou encounter, where you get to sit inside of the kinkajou’s cage and learn about the animal. 

SeaQuest Trumbell Connecticut

The sloth Interactions are something you have to experience to believe. Only a couple of people go in the sloth’s cage at a time with to play and frolic with the animal. And the stingray snorkels are definitely something you aren’t going to find at any other place around the area! You are given a wet suit and snorkel device to dive in and swim with the stingrays, as well as other fish. Another mom, whose child was snorkeling, told me that you can bring a life jacket if the kids can’t swim (the water is about five-feet deep).

The staff also brought out a snake and the kinkajou for the children to pet.

SeaQuest Trumbell Connecticut

We also saw ducks, otters, chickens, a tortoise, a gecko and much more.

SeaQuest Trumbell Connecticut

There are daily events, like feed the octopus and special events, like a "Sleep with the Sharks" experience. SeaQuest also hosts birthday parties, private events and field trips. 

Getting There and Getting In

SeaQuest in Trumbell, Connecticut is located inside a mall on the lower level. It's free to park in the mall lot and not too large, so you don’t have to walk far to get to the mall.

The check-in line is located inside of the gift shop, so the kids can browse while you wait. There are a lot of cute items in the gift shop, like stuffed animals, clothing and toys.

Recommended Age Range

My son is 9 years old and he had a fabulous time. I would say bring kids as young as 1, or even a bit younger, all the way up to teens, who would enjoy it. There were young couples in their 20s there without any kids.

SeaQuest Trumbell Connecticut

Time Recommended to Enjoy Experience

We spent a good 2+ hours in SeaQuest. If you want to do the experiences and interactions, you may need more time, depending on how many you would like to do. The snorkeling is either 1 or 2-hour sessions.

Food and Drinks

There is a snack stand selling chips and drinks if you get thirsty along the way.  

Tips for Families

It is preferred that you do not bring a stroller because it is tight in certain parts of SeaQuest. I don’t recall seeing any bathrooms in SeaQuest, but it’s a mall, so there are bathrooms there.  

If you take the 95 while driving, be sure to stop at The Elm Street Diner. You will not be disappointed at their specialty shakes and waffle delights. If you’re an NKOTB fan or love some Marky Mark, Wahlburgers is sure to hit the spot. If you have time, The Pez Visitor Center/Pez Factory is only about 20 minutes north, as is Urban Air in Orange (the biggest one around the area with the most attractions). 

Would Your Family Visit Again?

We can’t wait to go again, and with a yearly membership discount from CertifiKID, why wouldn’t we!  

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