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Family Lockdown: A Parent's Guide to Getting Through Coronavirus With Kids

6 Resources for Parents Dealing With Coronavirus Challenges 6 Resources for Parents Dealing With Coronavirus Challenges

Things are changing quickly as the COVID-19 (corona) virus pandemic grows. We want you to know that we’re in this with you. Our team has gathered some resources we hope you’ll find helpful in keeping life as normal as possible and dealing with some of the unprecedented things parents are faced with during this time.

The good news? We’re parents, and parents know that change is a challenge we can handle. We changed blow-out diapers, after all!

Get It Delivered

The stores are stocked up with LONG lines right now and running low on some of the things we need. Reduce your stress, and time waiting in lines, by shopping from home.

If you haven’t tried services like Instacart, Shipt, or Amazon Fresh, now is the perfect time. Grab your shopping list, browse those online isles, and let someone else pick it up and deliver it to your doorstep.

Places like Target and Walmart allow you to do your shopping online and pick up your order at their door. You don’t even have to get out of your car.

Hungry? Let a service like DoorDash, Grub Hub, or Uber Eats bring food to you. This is also a fantastic way to support local small businesses. If your favorite place isn’t using one of these services, call them up. Some restaurants may have closed their doors but will happily deliver or offer a pick-up option.

Work At Home Resources

If your job will be offering remote working options during this period of uncertainty, that is great news. The reality though is that not every parent will have this option. We’ve gathered information on ways to make money from home in the short term or beyond.

FlexJobs.com is the leading career-finding website for telecommuting and flexible jobs. This service curates opportunities for parents to find work that works for their families. It is a great resource, pandemic or not. 

FlexJobs.com’s trained researchers hand-screen and vet the best job listings in more than 50 career categories including everything from entry-level positions to executives, freelance, and full-time employees. All you have to do is log-on to access the best professional, legitimate, and flexible job leads and research in one place with no clutter.

Smith.ai offers virtual receptionist services for a wide variety of industries. This could mean answering calls, conducting web-cats, or providing other assistant services entirely from home. Smith.ai operates on a Monday-Friday schedule with normal business hours. That leaves you free to spend your evenings and weekends for what you love to do with your family.

Take Your Skills Online

Many professions can be conducted in a virtual environment. Consider offering what you do to friends and family, and their friends and family, via social media platforms like Facebook. You may be surprised by how much need there will be both now and in the future.

Get Paid For Your Opinion

There are a plethora of digital businesses that offer more than a penny for your thoughts. Like Survey Junkie does. While this type of earning is not likely to become your sole source of income, it can help boost your budget a bit. Once life gets back to normal you might even find yourself with a nest egg for extra family fun. We’ll be here to help with that!

Need more ideas? There are tons of blogs that help parents navigate the world of online money making. Tried and True Mom Jobs lent us a hand in our search. 

Care Resources

We know that not all of our CertifiKID parents might have a choice when it comes to working. Many of you will still have to go to work and may find yourself in need of another plan for childcare. There are options out there. 

Community Care

Caring for each other is something that communities do. Look to friends, family, and neighbors if you find yourself in a pinch. Perhaps they can help you and you can return the favor.

Look Online

Apps and websites like Care.com can bridge the gap should your usual childcare options not be available. Care.com goes beyond offering childcare services and also has options for pets, cleaning, and other types of services we rely on to keep everything running smoothly.

Make A Plan

This too shall pass. And when it does, let’s be ready for fun again. Our partners, many of them being small, local business owners who are parents just like us, will be ready to welcome you through their doors with open arms. Start planning for the fun to come, right now. Have the family browse our website with you. Find things you want to do together and snap up those deals now. You’ll save money and have lots to look forward to.

Click HERE and come plan to play again with us! 


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