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Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

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Life has changed pretty dramatically over the last few weeks. Many families find themselves at home and adjusting to a new normal. But that doesn’t have to mean we stop celebrating. Easter is just around the corner and the parents of Team CertifiKID have put together some great ideas for celebrating the holiday.

Egg, Eggs, Eggs

DIY Dye - Didn’t get a chance to snag that go-to PAZ egg coloring kit? Not to worry, there are literally dozens of ways to dye an egg with things you might have around the house now like; regular everyday food coloring, certain spices, shaving cream, and even leftover vegetable peelings.

X Marks The Spot - Take your egg hunt to the next level by drawing a treasure map that your kids will need to follow to find their prize or prizes. 

Weave A Web - Use yarn, ribbon, or string to create a huge web that winds around furniture and features in your home. Have your child unravel and follow the web to where their reward is hidden. Have more than one kiddo? Use different colors of your web material. Keep them engaged by hiding small rewards along the way.

Riddle Me This - Turn your egg hunt into a mystery to riddle out my creating a riddle treasure hunt for them. Riddles are the clues to where the treasure is hidden. Solve them and find your loot.

Devilish Delights - Have a deviled egg competition a la "Top Chef" and it’s Jr series. Let the kids whip up their own egg creations while you put your own twist on the perfect bite. Then have a blind judging competition using anonymous voting for the best egg. Here’s a little culinary inspiration to get you started

Sweets and Treats

Snap, Crackle, YUM! - Rice cereal treats are one of the easiest sweets to make. So easy, the kids can practically do it all on their own. They also happen to be a wonderful sculpting medium. Break out the cookie cutters, plastic egg shells, or let the kids mold them freestyle. A little icing and some sprinkles and you have tasty works of art and hours of fun in the kitchen.

Hop To It - Have marshmallows left over from making those rice cereal treats? Maybe there is some frosting in the pantry or butter and confectioners sugar to whip some up? Then you’ve got the makings of your own rabbit colony. Check out this adorable and easy marshmallow rabbit recipe.

Bunny Bait - You might be able to catch a rabbit with carrots but if you want to get yourself a bunny, you need bait. This snack mix is tasty and sure to attract all sorts of cute critters. 

Plant A Pot of Carrots - In hummus that is. Traditional Easter treats tend to be heavy on the sweets. Why not whip up some healthier treats that are just ask cute and tasty to boot? Carrots “planted” in hummus, an egg-shaped fruit platter, egg penguins, scrambled egg rabbits with bacon bunny ears, are all great ideas from this list of 20 healthier Easter treats

photo courtesy of How To Home

Activities For Every Bunny 

Spoonful of Fun - It’s an oldie but a goodie, the spoon-egg race. Simple, fun and guaranteed to produce some great giggles. Grab a few large soup spoons and some eggs. Have your racers place their egg on their spoon and then race to the finish line. First one to cross the line with their egg in the best shape wins!

Sew Good - If you’ve got scraps of felt and remnants of ribbon in your crafting closet or sewing box then you’ve got the makings of some eggceptional fun. Mary Beth of "How To Home" has a simple tutorial for making felt eggs along with a bunch of other easy ideas for Easter fun, much of it using things you may already have at home. Fill up some time with creativity and your basket full of memories with these adorable Easter keepsakes.

Luchador Egg Wrestling - Legend has it that one of our very own Team CertifKID members started this game many moons ago after her family watched the movie, "Nacho Libre" one too many times. Decorate your eggs to look like the masks made famous by Mexican wrestling stars. Give your egg a name befitting a wrestler. Then square off with your opponent, knocking your eggs together until one of them cracks. The winner goes on to wrestle the next egg until there is only one egg left in the ring. The winner takes home the title of Egg Wresting Champion. Have older kids and want to make this a little more interesting? Sneak an unboiled egg into the mix before decorating starts. It’s messy but hilarious. 

Plant Some Memories - Have leftover cartons from all those eggs? Turn them into a garden! All you need is a little soil, seeds and some water. The kids will love watching the seeds sprout and grow. When they’re ready, transfer your seedlings to a bigger container or your garden. Once the fruits of your labor ripen you’ll have something neat to eat and an easy science lesson they’ll love!

Basket Builders 

Fill Their Basket With Exploration - Best known for their subscription service that sends kids crates of creativity, KiwiCo also has an entire store of items you can buy without having to subscribe. Their Eggsperiment project is perfect for any Easter basket! Their store section boasts projects like build-you-own pinball machine, slime circuits, handcrafted sculpture, bottle rockets, and more.  

Crack A Book (not an egg) - Open a book and open up a whole new world. In a world of where gaming reigns supreme books still make for great basket builders. Your options are endless. Choose a fantastical fantasy book series like "Harry Potter" or "Percy Jackson." Kid favorites like "Dragons Love Tacos" or "Good Night Moon" are always a great go-to. Or stick with something more Easter themed like "It's Not Easy Being A Bunny" or "Pete The Cat's Big Easter Adventure."  

Egg Treasures - Not up to filling dozens of plastic eggs? We get that! How about grabbing eggs that are already full or egg-themed toys like the Hatchimals Colleggtibles basket, LEGO eggs, puzzle eggs . . . really, the possibilities are endless. 

Tattoo Who? - The world of temporary tattoos has gone high tech parents, and it is awesome! HoloTats combine the temporary tattoos kids love with technology that makes them come to life through augmented reality. With HoloTats that T-Rex on their hand stomps, roars, and moves with you. 


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